Running a virus scan can help you to identify and eliminate the threats caused by viruses and spyware. Running scans on a regular basis can ensure that these threats are dealt with quickly.

Run a virus scan using McAfee Internet Security

  1. Open McAfee Internet Security on your computer.
  2. Select Virus and Spyware Protection.
  3. Choose Scan Your PC.
  4. Select your scan preference from the following:
    1. Run a Quick Scan: Quickly scans key areas of your PC that are most susceptible to infection.
    2. Run a Full Scan: Thoroughly checks your PC.
    3. Run a Custom Scan: Manually select locations and file types.
  5. Your scan will begin immediately and show you real-time progress.
  6. Once completed, the scan will provide you with a report highlighting any issues detected on your PC.

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