ShawGuest access enables those who aren't Shaw customers yet the ability to try out the Rogers WiFi Hotspots (formerly known as Shaw Go WiFi) network, at specific locations or special events. Guests can connect to the ShawGuest network to receive complimentary Rogers WiFi Hotspots access for up to 500 MB per 30-day period.

Looking to connect to RogersOpen? Register for a seven day complimentary trial. Learn How To Connect to  Rogers WiFi Hotspots as a Guest

How to connect to the ShawGuest network

To connect to the ShawGuest network:

  1. Visit a ShawGuest Hotspot.
    • These can be found in places like rec centers, government buildings, libraries, transit stations, and other public areas.
    • Note: ShawGuest WiFi locations do not show in our Rogers WiFi Hotspots Coverage Map.
  2. Access the WiFi settings on your device.
  3. Connect to an available ShawGuest network.
  4. Open a web browser. The login page will load.
  5. Check the box to Accept Shaw’s terms of use and select Connect now.
  6. You will now have access to the ShawGuest network.

If temporary access expires you will be required to sign in again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShawGuest access?
ShawGuest access is a limited-service that provides non-Shaw customers (otherwise known as “Guests”) the ability to access the Rogers WiFi Hotspots network with certain limitations. Guests can connect to the ShawGuest network at particular locations to receive public WiFi access, at no charge, subject to a 500MB monthly data cap.

Why don’t I see the ShawGuest network name in a Rogers WiFi Hotspot?
You may be connecting to a hotspot that does not support ShawGuest access. Learn more on How To: Connect to Rogers WiFi Hotspots as a Guest.

Why and when does my guest account expire?
Access is subject to a 500 MB monthly data cap, or up to 30 days on the ShawGuest network. If you utilize all 500 MB of data, you will need to wait until the next 30-day cycle.

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