McAfee's QuickClean tool improves the performance of your Windows computer by identifying and erasing unnecessary files, e-mails, and junk that take up valuable space and slow down your computer.

How it works

QuickClean allows you to specify which system, browser and email files you would like to erase.  

System Files:

  • recycle bin files
  • old shortcuts
  • temporary files
  • Windows history
  • lost file fragments
  • ActiveX installers
  • old registry keys
  • Flash cookies

Browser Files:

  • cookies
  • browser cache files
  • browser history


  • Outlook Express sent items
  • Outlook Express deleted items

Note: If you would like to be able to recover any of these files later, you will need to create a back up on an external hard drive or another storage device, before running QuickClean.

How to run QuickClean on McAfee Internet Security

  1. Open McAfee Internet Security.
  2. Expand PC and Home Network Tools.
  3. Click QuickClean.
  4. Expand Settings and choose the files to clean.
  5. Expand Schedule to set how often to run QuickClean.
  6. Click Clean.

If you don't alter settings or choose a schedule, QuickClean will run just once with the default settings.

Note: If you have files that contain sensitive information or files which must be deleted for security reasons you may want to learn more about How To: Use Shredder in McAfee Internet Security.

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