Learn how to remove McAfee by using the McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool to remove data completely for a McAfee Security product installation on a supported Windows operating system.

How it works

The McAfee Consumer Product Removal (MCPR) tool is used to remove or uninstall a McAfee Consumer product from a PC running Windows using standard Windows removal steps. If you use this tool to remove the McAfee software that is protecting your computer from malware and viruses, we advise reinstalling that software, or other antivirus software, as soon as possible.

How to use the product removal tool

To use the McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool:

  1. Download install and open the MCPR tool.
  2. At the McAfee Software Removal screen, click Next.
  3. Click Agree to accept the End User License Agreement.
  4. At the Security Validation screen, type the captcha text and click Next.
  5. Wait for the product to be removed.
    • If you see the message Removal Complete, restart your computer. 
    • If you see the message Cleanup Unsuccessful, restart your computer and try running the MCPR tool again.

For more detailed instructions and support visit McAfee's support website for product removal.

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