Whether you're looking to use a third-party router or troubleshoot possible connectivity issues, IP Passthrough allows you to assign a public IP address to a device connected to your Hitron modem, effectively bypassing the Hitron's internal router. Learn how to use IP Passthrough on your Hitron GCNM-2250 modem.

About IP Passthrough

To use IP Passthrough, you'll need to ensure that you have a second dynamic IP address available for your modem. The automatic availability of multiple dynamic addresses is dependent upon your Internet service package. Once you have enabled IP Passthrough, the device that receives the public IP address will no longer be able to access the Hitron's user interface (as described below). Please contact customer support to confirm or arrange for your free IP address: Shaw.ca/ContactUs. Once you have confirmed the availability of a second IP address, please follow the steps outlined below.

As your Hitron will continue to operate its DHCP service, if you intend to use IP Passthrough for a third-party router, it is recommended that you move all of your local connections (both wired and wireless) to the third-party device. This would allow the Hitron to operate only as a modem and your third-party router to manage all of your connections.

How to enable IP Passthrough

Note: It is recommended to not connect your 3rd party router or access point until after IP Passthrough has been set up in the Shaw Modem. If the 3rd party device is connected prior to setting up IP Passthrough then you may be required to powercycle to complete the process.

IP Passthrough can be set to the MAC address of a specific device on your network or by assigning the passthrough to a specific ethernet port on the back of your Hitron (possible ports: 1-4). Both options are described below and are enabled via the web user interface for your Hitron modem. 



  1. Log into Hitron web user interface by addressing your web browser to and then entering the login credentials (default credentials shown):
    • User: cusadmin
    • Password: Serial number on your Hitron modem
  2. Once logged in, go to Admin in menu bar (see image above)
  3. Click IP Passthrough on the right of the submenu bar 

  4. Enable IP Passthrough via the on/off toggle button

  5. Select either the MAC or Port IP Passthrough Mode and follow the specific steps below:

MAC Address Mode: This mode allows you to specify the mac address of the specific device on your local network that should receive the public IP (generally a router connected via an ethernet cable).

  1. Click the MAC option from the toggle button
  2. Enter MAC address for your device that requires the public IP
  3. Click + to add the entered MAC address
  4. Click Save Changes, your new settings will be updated after a short wait and your preferred device should now be online. 

Port Mode: This mode allows you to select the specific ethernet port (1-4) on the back of the Hitron that will provide the external IP address (note: The Hitron ports are not numbered but with the modem in the standing position, the port numbers are sequential with port #1 just below the reset hole and port #4 closest to the coaxial cable connection). 

  1. Click Port option
  2. Select IP Passthrough Port (#1-4)
  3. Click Save Changes, your new settings will update after a short wait
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