Learn how to setup and activate BlueCurve Pods with our installation instructions below. Pods work with your BlueCurve Gateway, and can be activated with ease using the BlueCurve Home mobile app. When you first get your Pods, they can be activated together as a set, or individually at a later time.


Video Tutorial: How to set up and activate BlueCurve Pods

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Getting started

Before you begin:

  • Your BlueCurve Gateway must be activated before you can set up your BlueCurve Pods.
  • The BlueCurve Home app is required to activate your Pods. See Getting started with BlueCurve Home to learn how to use the app.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled mobile device (phone or tablet) is required to activate your Pods.
  • Decide where you would like to place your Pods. To ensure the best signal and performance, be sure that Pods are visible and not blocked by furniture or other large objects.

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Activating your Pods
  1. Open the BlueCurve Home app on your mobile device, and sign in with your Shaw ID.
  2. Select More on the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Select Shaw Device.
  4. Select BlueCurve Pods.
  5. Select Get Started.
    • Note: If Bluetooth is disabled on your device, a "Bluetooth Required" prompt will pop up. If this happens, enable Bluetooth on your device before you continue. To activate Pods without a Bluetooth enabled device, select Setup Pods Manually and then enter the Serial Number found on the Pod.
  6. Plug any Pod into a wall outlet, then select Next. Ensure there's at least one room separating the Pod and your BlueCurve Gateway, but that they're no more than 20 - 30 feet apart. The Pod must be visible and not blocked by furniture or other large objects.

    Plug in BlueCurve Pod


  7. Hold your phone close to the Pod (within six to eight inches).

    Activate BlueCurve Pod


  8. Wait a few moments for the Pod to connect.
  9. Plug in the remaining Pods throughout your home. Ensure Pods are evenly spaced from each other and your BlueCurve Gateway.
  10. Once the rest of the Pods have been plugged in, select All Pods Ready to Go!

    Plug in Remaining Pods


  11. Wait for the remaining Pods to connect.
  12. When all Pods have been connected, select Name Your Pods.

    Name Your Pods

  13. Name each Pod in any order.
    • Choose a Pod to name and hold your phone or tablet close to that Pod.
    • Wait for the app to identify which Pod you are naming.
    • Enter a name and select Confirm Name.
    • Repeat the steps above to name each remaining Pod.
  14. Once naming is complete, select Finish Setup.

    Your Pods Are Ready

  15. Select OK to complete the setup, and your Pods are ready to go!

    BlueCurve Pods Setup Complete


For a few days after activation, your Pods will be optimizing your home WiFi network to give you the best coverage for your personalized set-up. While your Pods will activate quite quickly, they will continually learn about how you connect to your network and work to improve coverage.

You can check the status of your Pods in the Network section of BlueCurve Home. If a Pod is not activating or connecting to your network, follow the "help me fix it" tips in the app. if you’re still having trouble, please contact us so that we can help.

Learn More: How to manage BlueCurve Pods on your home network 

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