Learn about Shaw Internet PowerBoost. To help increase the speed of short downloads, Shaw includes a service called PowerBoost with Highspeed 7.5 and Highspeed 10 Internet. PowerBoost provides a 5-20 second burst of additional download speed for your internet connection.



About Shaw Internet PowerBoost

PowerBoost essentially takes advantage of unused network capacity to offer a brief yet drastic increase in download speeds. There is no limit on the number of PowerBoost bursts you can receive; providing there is available network resources, the start of every download should be assisted by PowerBoost. If you subscribe to Highspeed 7.5 or Highspeed 10 Internet, PowerBoost will be active on your service and will function regardless of the modem, router, and computer you are using.



Since PowerBoost is designed to provide a brief increase in download speeds, activities like torrents, file sharing and online gaming (which generally use a continuous and often uninterrupted data connection) will not see an appreciable performance increase from PowerBoost.


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