Learn more about our Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Shaw Internet services are available to customers throughout western Canada and into Ontario. To find a list of our Internet services visit Shaw Internet plans.

Shaw Internet Service FAQ

Browse our frequently asked questions about our Internet services.

Where can I find a list of our Internet plans?
You can view all of our Internet plans here.

How can I see which Internet plan I have?
The quickest, easiest way to see which Internet plan you have is through My Shaw (App or web).

Using My Shaw web:

  1. Login to My Shaw (or register here: https://register.shaw.ca/)
  2. Click My Services (near top) then select Internet from the dropdown

Using My Shaw App

  1. Log in to the My Shaw App using your Shaw ID and password.
  2. Scroll down until you see Internet section

What are Rogers WiFi Hotspots?
Rogers WiFi Hotspots (formerly known as Shaw Go WiFi) are a service that allows you to access the Internet on the go while you're away from home. All Shaw Internet customers get free access to over 100,000 Rogers WiFi Hotspots across Canada. Learn more with our Rogers WiFi Hotspots FAQs.

Does Rogers have Internet usage restrictions?
Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for Internet in addition to our Terms of Use for usage restrictions. You can view your Internet data usage in My Shaw.

What are the Internet speeds offered by Shaw?

Shaw currently offers the following Internet plans:

Internet Plan Download Speed Upload Speed [1]
Ignite Internet 75 Up to 75 Mbps Up to 75 Mbps
Ignite Internet 250 Up to 250 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps
Ignite Internet 300 Up to 300 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps
Ignite Internet 500 Up to 500 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps
Ignite Internet Gigabit Up to 1000 Mbps Up to 150 Mbps
Ignite Internet 1.5 Gigabit Up to 1500 Mbps [2] Up to 150 Mbps


Note: Connection speeds may vary based on modem equipment, client device capability, connection type, building wiring, data traffic on your network, and environmental conditions. "Up to" speeds are based on optimal conditions and designed to be shared across all devices connected on your network by providing enough bandwidth to each device for the best connectivity. To learn more, see About: Internet bandwidth.

[1] Maximum upload speed can vary depending on your area. Enter your address at Shaw.ca and check our Internet plans to confirm availability. An Ignite WiFi Gateway (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway) is required to achieve 100 Mbps upload speed.

[2] Ignite Internet 1.5 Gigabit gives you up to 1500 Mbps download speed shared across all devices or users in your home. Individual devices with a Gigabit network adapter* built-in can achieve up to 1000 Mbps on a wired connection. For WiFi and other device limitations that may apply, click here to learn more.

*If you're unsure of your device's network specifications, please consult your device manufacturer's support services.

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