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Equipment Info: Fibre+ Gateway 3.0 (XB8)

Shaw's Fibre+ Gateway 3.0 comes with WiFi 6E and Tri-Band technology. Get 3x more bandwidth for less congestion, lower latency, and faster speeds. This article covers the key features, available connections and hardware specifications of the Fibre+ G... Read more

Shaw Go WiFi vs. ShawOpen and other SSIDs

Learn about the differences between Shaw Go WiFi, ShawOpen, and the ShawPasspoint technologies. Shaw Go WiFi allows you to stay connected no matter where you are through our WiFi network, and the name of the network may change based on your device, o... Read more

Shaw Webmail Maintenance Tips

Learn how to improve your Shaw email performance and ensure you can continue sending and receiving emails through your Shaw account. Browse these tips for more insight. How to manage my inbox Managing your emails and folders is simple with Shaw Webma... Read more

About: Shaw Webmail Quotas

Learn about Shaw email quotas and how to manage your email. A full mailbox may impact your ability to send or receive emails. Use these tips to troubleshoot. About Shaw Webmail Quotas Shaw webmail has quotas (limits) on the amount of data that can be... Read more

AJAX Update in Shaw Webmail

Shaw HTML Webmail users have been updated from HTML to AJAX to improve performance and usability. Some familiar features may have been moved to a new place or updated with a new option. This document will show you the updated features to help assist ... Read more

About: Legacy modem upgrade program

We're committed to keeping you connected with the best possible WiFi experience which means we’re always improving our network. As we are in the process of making network upgrades, this means that some modems will soon come to their end of life and n... Read more

How To: Share your WiFi from the BlueCurve Home app

With the Share My WiFi feature in the BlueCurve Home app you can get your houseguests connected to your home WiFi network with ease. Sharing your WiFi login There are two ways you can share your WiFi connection through the BlueCurve Home app. The fir... Read more

How To: Check for service outages in BlueCurve Home

You can use the BlueCurve Home app to check for Internet outages your area. Outage notifications can be found in the Overview tab in the app. Checking for outages in the app allows you to save time identifying problems with your connection. What are ... Read more

How To: Connect to Shaw Go WiFi as a Guest

Shaw Go WiFi is now available to everyone, with or without Shaw services. Guests can now register their device for a seven day complimentary trial to the ShawOpen network, with the option to register again after your trial period ends. Looking to con... Read more

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