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How To: Connect to your home WiFi

If you have a computer, phone, tablet, or other wireless devices you want to connect to your home WiFi network, follow the instructions below. Remember that all of the devices you connect to home WiFi will be sharing the same Internet connection. Con... Read more

Shaw Internet Services FAQ

Learn more about Shaw Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Where can I find a list of Shaw’s Internet plans? You can view all of Shaw’s Internet plans here. What are the Internet speeds offered by Shaw? Shaw currently offers the fol... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with Google products

This article provides resources for setting up email or connecting to WiFi on Google devices, Google products, and Android devices. You can also set up Shaw email and connect to WiFi on Pixel phones, Pixelbook and Chromebook computers, Google Home de... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with Apple products

This article provides resources for setting up and troubleshooting Shaw Internet services on Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can also set up Shaw email and connect to WiFi on Apple Watches, Apple TV, and devices running the macOS an... Read more

Quick Answer: How do I change my Shaw email password?

If you cannot log in to your email address because you have forgotten your password, or you simply want to change your email or Webmail password for security reasons: Solution Sign into My Shaw Click My Services > Internet from the menu at th... Read more

Shaw Internet Troubleshooting FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about WiFi connectivity, network issues, and how to improve download speeds. Frequently Asked Questions My Internet isn't working — is there an outage in my area? An outage can cause a disruption in your Inter... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with your devices

This article will help you set up and troubleshoot email and WiFi on devices like phones, computers, gaming consoles, TVs, and accessories. You'll find links to more detailed articles for Shaw devices, and links to external websites for devices sold ... Read more

Smartphone setup guides 2018

Over 50 smartphones were released in 2018, and though we don't have email setup guides for all them, we do have step-by-step instructions for setting up email on some of the most recent iPhone and Android devices. Smartphones Apple devices: Apple iPh... Read more

How to set up email and WiFi - iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Setting up an Apple iPhone 8 or 8 Plus? You’ll find everything you need below. If you haven’t already created a Shaw email address, learn how before continuing. Visit Apple SupportRecommended server settings Visit Apple SupportAs your device’s manufa... Read more

How To: Delete emails in Shaw Webmail

Learn how to delete emails from your Shaw Webmail mailboxes. For each email address tied to your Shaw Account, you get 1GB (1,000 MB) of email storage. If you approach this limit, Shaw will send you a notification. You will need to delete some emails... Read more

Shaw Email FAQ

Below you'll find answers to commonly asked questions about Shaw email, with links to support pages with more information. Shaw Email Frequently Asked Questions What is Shaw email? A Shaw email address will have your username followed by (eg... Read more

How to set up your Shaw email in Outlook 2016

Learn how to setup your Shaw email account through Outlook 2016 via Exchange/ActiveSync. You can also set up your Shaw email via IMAP, with Outlook 2016. While the preferred setup method for Outlook 2016 is ActiveSync/Exchange, there can be issues - ... Read more

How To: Set up email on multiple devices

For convenience, you can set up multiple devices — phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer — so you can access your Shaw email wherever you go. If that's your plan, there are recommended settings you should use on each device and in each mail add... Read more

About: Email Servers

When someone sends you an email, it travels to their email server, is routed to Shaw's email server, and lands in your mailbox — where you can access it using any email app (or Shaw Webmail). When you send an email from your email app, it travels tha... Read more

About: How Shaw email works

An email (electronic mail) is a type of message sent from one person to another, using the Internet. They are the modern equivalent of paper letters sent through the postal service, with the advantages of instant delivery and not requiring a stamp. E... Read more

Which email setup method is right for me?

Setting up your Shaw email on a new device? Learn about which email setup method is best for you with this comparison table of email setup protocols. Generally, we suggest users use the IMAP email setup method for setting up their Shaw email accounts... Read more

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