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Shaw Webmail Maintenance Tips

Learn how to improve your Shaw email performance and ensure you can continue sending and receiving emails through your Shaw account. Browse these tips for more insight. How to manage my inbox Managing your emails and folders is simple with Shaw Webma... Read more

About: Shaw Webmail Quotas

Learn about Shaw email quotas and how to manage your email. A full mailbox may impact your ability to send or receive emails. Use these tips to troubleshoot. About Shaw Webmail Quotas Shaw webmail has quotas (limits) on the amount of data that can be... Read more

AJAX Update in Shaw Webmail

Shaw HTML Webmail users have been updated from HTML to AJAX to improve performance and usability. Some familiar features may have been moved to a new place or updated with a new option. This document will show you the updated features to help assist ... Read more

Connecting to your home WiFi

If you have a computer, phone, tablet, or other wireless devices you want to connect to your home WiFi network, follow the instructions below. Remember that all of the devices you connect to home WiFi will be sharing the same Internet connection. Con... Read more

Shaw Internet Services FAQ

Learn more about our Internet services with our frequently asked questions. Shaw Internet services are available to customers throughout western Canada and into Ontario. To find a list of our Internet services visit Shaw Internet plans. Shaw Internet... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with Google products

This article provides resources for setting up email or connecting to WiFi on Google devices, Google products, and Android devices. You can also set up Shaw email and connect to WiFi on Pixel phones, Pixelbook and Chromebook computers, Google Home de... Read more

How To: Use Shaw Internet services with Apple products

This article provides resources for setting up and troubleshooting Shaw Internet services on Apple products like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. You can also set up your Shaw email and connect to WiFi on Apple Watches, Apple TV, and devices running the mac... Read more

Configuring Shaw email settings on an Android device

If you've just purchased an Android mobile device and would like to set up your Shaw email, follow the instructions below. Solution On your Android device, go to Home Screen > Email > Add New Account. Enter your email and password and tap Manual Setu... Read more

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