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Equipment Info: Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 3) modem (XB8)

Our Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 3) modem (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway 3.0 (XB8)) comes with WiFi 6E and Tri-Band technology. Get 3x more bandwidth for less congestion, lower latency, and faster speeds. This article covers the key features, availabl... Read more

About: WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee

WiFi is the heartbeat of the modern home. That's why we are committed to providing Ignite Internet customers with a fast, reliable, and secure WiFi connection. Whether you’re working or completing schoolwork from home, or just trying to kick back and... Read more

Share your WiFi from the Ignite HomeConnect App

With the Share My WiFi feature in the Ignite HomeConnect App you can get your houseguests connected to your home WiFi network with ease. Sharing your WiFi login There are two ways you can share your WiFi connection through the Ignite HomeConnect App.... Read more

How To: Check for service outages in Ignite HomeConnect

You can use the Ignite HomeConnect App to check for Internet outages your area. Outage notifications can be found in the Overview tab in the app. Checking for outages in the app allows you to save time identifying problems with your connection. What ... Read more

Checking Internet Health with Ignite HomeConnect

Internet Health is a troubleshooting feature in Ignite HomeConnect to test your Internet connection and devices by checking the link speed to your Ignite WiFi Gateway. You can run a test to check your network status, or see how a device will perform ... Read more

About: Supported apps for Active Time Details

The Active Time Details feature of the Ignite HomeConnect App shows you how much time devices associated with user created profiles have spent on specific apps. This page provides a list of the most popular supported apps and their category. Apps tha... Read more

How To: View Active Time Details in Ignite HomeConnect

Active Time Details is a feature included with Ignite HomeConnect that provides insight into which apps and websites are being used most by a Ignite HomeConnect profile. Once activated in a profile, the profile will display how long certain apps and ... Read more

Equipment Info: Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2) modem (XB7)

Our Ignite WiFi Gateway (Gen 2) modem (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway 2.0 (XB7)) comes with the latest WiFi technology and features, including support for WiFi 6 and 2.5 Gbps Ethernet. This article covers the key features, available connections and... Read more

Getting started with Ignite HomeConnect

Ignite HomeConnect (formerly known as BlueCurve Home) is a digital dashboard to manage your home WiFi network and connected home. You can self-connect and set up your WiFi network in minutes, find your WiFi password, know who's online, and troublesho... Read more

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