Sometimes things can go wrong as emails travel server to server, and are read on devices running different email apps and operating systems. There are some simple solutions to try first, but if those don't solve the issue you should double-check that your email server settings are correct.

Quick fixes for common issues

Try these tips to address common issues.

  1. Check that you are connected to the Internet. Open a web browser or a streaming music service to test your connection. If those aren't working either, you should troubleshoot your Internet connection before troubleshooting your email.

  2. Try logging in to Shaw Webmail using your email address. If you aren't able to log in, it's possible that you don't have the right password, or that your email account has been suspended. Contact Shaw Support if you think this is the issue.

  3. Check the Outbox folder in your email app. If there are any outbound emails pending, delete them or drag them into the Drafts folder. Then, try sending a new email with no attachments. If the new email sends, it's likely that something was wrong with the pending email (eg. it was corrupted, there was an invalid recipient or misspelled address, or there was an issue with the attachment size).

  4. If you have an antivirus app running, it may be preventing you from sending emails. Disable the app temporarily and try sending another email.

Check your email server settings

If you can't send or receive emails, Shaw's email server settings may be incorrect in your email app.

These are the (IMAP) email settings we recommend you use:

Account Type: IMAP
Username: Your Shaw email address without
Password: Your Shaw email password
Email address: Your Shaw email address
Incoming Server Name:
Incoming Server Security Type: SSL
Incoming Server Port: 993
Outgoing Server Name:
Outgoing Server Security Type: TLS
Outgoing Server Port: 587

To use Shaw's POP3 incoming mail server, use these settings:

Incoming mail server and settings:
Incoming Mail Server:
Server Type: POP
Security Type: None
Port: 110

Encrypted incoming mail server and settings:
Incoming Server:
Server Type: POP
Security Type: SSL/TLS
Port: 995

If you’re setting up Exchange ActiveSync, use these settings:

Email address: Your Shaw email address
Username: Your Shaw email address, without
Password: Your Shaw email password
Exchange server:
Use secure connection (SSL): Yes
Use client certificate: No

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