Wireless PrinterMany modern printers are now able to connect to the internet and allow you to print from your desktop computer, laptop, or even mobile phone. Some printers use a wired connection and can be setup with as little as an Ethernet cable, while other printers can connect to the wireless network provided via your Shaw wireless modem. While the specific setup may vary from one model of printer to another, the information for connecting a printer to your home network can be found below and used in conjunction with the setup guide provided by your printer's manufacturer.

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How to set up your printer

Follow these instructions to set up your wireless printer.


  1. Unpack your printer and follow the included instructions. Each printer will have a distinct set-up process.
  2. If your printer has an Ethernet cable option, we recommend connecting it directly to your Shaw modem or wireless router for optimal performance and ease of use.
  3. Follow the included manufacturers instructions for a wireless connection (see below for a network name and Pre-shared Key/Passphrase explanation)


Printer Setup Guides/Support

HP WiFi Printer Setup
Epson WiFi Printer Setup
Samsung WiFi Printer Setup
Lexmark WiFi Printer Setup
Canon WiFi Printer Setup

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Networking information

If you have not customized your network name (SSID) and password (also called the Pre-shared Key or Passphrase), you can find this information on the white sticker affixed to the side of your modem.



Network Information on Modem Sticker



If you have changed these settings and have forgotten your password, you can reset the modem to its default settings by holding down the reset button for at least 20 seconds. The reset button can be found on the back of the device. Once reset, you can use the SSID and Pre-shared Key/Passphrase as it is listed on the modem.


Reset Button on Modem

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