BluCurve Gateway and DHCP


I've searched high and low for a manual for this, and neither I nor Shaw support has been able to find one.

I'm considering upgrading my current modem to this one. I currently use a TP Link router for wifi and DHCP. I am hoping to be able to turn of the TP Link's wifi, but continue to use it for DHCP as I have a number of wired connections which I'd like to keep as they are.

I can find no information on whether or not DHCP can be disabled on the XB6, or if not, is there a menu to access DHCP settings (e.g. fixed IP addresses, etc.)?

Shaw tech support was unable to answer these questions, so hopefully someone here who is using one can help me out.


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Re: BluCurve Gateway and DHCP


I can confirm there is no way through the web interface to disable DHCP. 

Additional limitations I've found in my first hour of working with it:

  • The modem will not let you fully specify it's IP address.  You can choose the first three octets [eg: 10.0.0], but it will always use .1 [eg: 10.0.01 or].
  • You cannot specify or override any DNS settings, so if you like to use Google, OpenDNS, or for DNS protection, you cannot do so with this device.
  • Although you can port-forward, you cannot port-forward to a different port on the server side.  So, if your server is running on port 80, and you want to port forward 880 to it, you cannot - you can only go 80 => 80 or 880 => 880.

The underlying hardware/software may be good, I'm still testing that, but the features exposed through the interface are far worse than the Hitron CGNM-2250 that it replaced.

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I had similar issues, and in fact was not able to change...


I had similar issues, and in fact was not able to change many other settings too. Then I switched from Chrome to IE (ick I know!!) which worked. I changed my IP address range and all the other things I could not change.

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