Geeni Security Cameras


I purchased 3 Geeni security camera from Canadian Tire to set up a small security camera system for my house. I purchased 2 Vivid 1080p HD smart indoor wifi cameras for inside my house to view out and I also purchased a Sentry 1080p HD smart floodlight security camera to view the back of my house. 

I could not get the cameras connected to my WiFi network. I called the company, they could not help as all the settings were correct. I then called Shaw. I talked with one of the support staff and we tried troubleshooting everything. The last thing to try was to switch out the modem. I was initially using a Hitron CGNM-2250 modem for my home network. The Hitron modem was not connecting the cameras. I switched out my modem for a Cisco DPC3848V. The cameras were able to connect to my home network after I switched to the Cisco modems.
I hope this helps others who are trying to hook up these cameras to their home network.
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