XB6 Modem: Same problems as Hitron and Arris modems


Shaw was here today to install the "new" XB6 modem to replace the Hitron one that I had. Just a note, Shaw replaced my Arris modem in May because of this same issue. Every time they installed a new modem, my speed supposedly increased, from 35 to 75 to 150 MBPS.

The issue is that only ONE device can access the "high" speed internet at on time. With my new XB6, all other devices can only get about 30MBPS. With my previous modems, it was the same! With the 75 MBPS plan, all other devices would get only about 30 MBPS. With my 35 plan it was the same BUT about 30MBPS on ALL DEVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "tech" person did everything with the physical modem to check speeds and we disconnected all of my other security devices and always had the same result. NO solution.

He is contacting the "higher" tech support to try and figure this out.

Oh to have my 35MBPS Plan Back!

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