Whether you’re connected to the Shaw network, Shaw Go WiFi, or one of our partners’ Nationwide mobile networks, we’ve got you covered coast to coast in Canada. Plus, you’ll never get an unexpected data overage charge.

About Shaw Mobile's Networks

Shaw Mobile offers service on two types of mobile networks within Canada; the Shaw network and the Nationwide network. Plus, automatically connect to hundreds of thousands of Shaw Go WiFi hotspots across Canada for even more included connectivity.

Shaw network

Built and managed by Shaw, we offer an extensive 4G LTE network across Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario. Your phone will display Shaw when you are using our network. You can always use your included data on the Shaw network, plus make unlimited calls to anywhere in Canada and send text messages to any phone mobile number globally. You may be connected to our 3G, LTE, or Extended Range LTE networks depending on your location and phone’s capabilities.

The Shaw network supports the following bands throughout our coverage area:

  • Band 4 LTE (AWS1)
  • Band 4 3G (AWS1)
  • Band 13 LTE – Extended Range LTE (700 MHz)
  • Band 66 LTE (AWS3)

Band 7 and Band 71 are deployed in select locations and may not be widely available in all markets.

For the best experience on our network, we suggest that your device supports Band 4, 13, and 66. Band 66 provides access to our fastest LTE speeds.

Extended Range LTE is our 700 MHz low-band (Band 13) LTE network that reaches farther and penetrates walls for better coverage in buildings, basements, and elevators. Use our Device Compatibility Checker to check if your device is Extended Range LTE capable.

Nationwide network

Travelling outside of Shaw’s network coverage in Canada? No worries – using service in Canada is always included with Shaw Mobile plans. If your phone displays Nationwide it means you are using service on one of our many partner networks in Canada. All Shaw plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling and global text messaging from anywhere in Canada, even when you are on the Nationwide network. Our By The Gig and Unlimited plans include no-overage mobile data anywhere in Canada too, or automatically connect to Shaw Go WiFi hotspots at locations stretching from British Columbia to Ontario for even more included connectivity options.

Your phone will automatically switch between Shaw and Nationwide networks, just make sure you have data roaming enabled to access the mobile data included with your rate plan when connected to a partner network. Many devices on the Nationwide network will also display R next to your signal strength to indicate that you are outside of the Shaw network.

When transitioning between the Shaw and Nationwide networks, you may experience a brief service interruption while your device connects to the available network.

Shaw Go WiFi

All Shaw Mobile plans included unlimited access to the Shaw Go WiFi network in Western Canada. If you’re using an iPhone (with the latest software updates) or purchased an Android device from us, you will automatically connect to Shaw Go WiFi hotspots when they’re available – no credentials required. If you brought your own Android device to Shaw Mobile, you’ll require few extra steps to connect to Shaw Go WiFi hotspots; click here for more information.

The following WiFi networks (SSIDs) are available to Shaw Mobile customers:

  • ShawPasspoint
  • ShawMobileHotspot

Understanding the Shaw Mobile Coverage Map

The coverage map provides you with details on:

  • Shaw LTE / Nationwide Network Coverage / Variable areas
  • Areas with no coverage
  • Shaw Go WiFi locations

Network Coverage

  • By selecting the drop-down at the top right of the map you can toggle between the Extended Range LTE network, and the LTE & 3G network to view the coverage differences in your area.
  • To check if your device is Extended Range LTE capable, click here.
  • In Variable coverage areas your device may connect to the Shaw network or the Nationwide network depending on environmental factors, such as terrain and building materials.

WiFi Locations

  • By double-clicking or using the search bar to pin a location, you can select Show Wi-Fi Hotspots to show the nearest hotspot locations.

Transit Coverage

The Shaw network provides the ability to talk, text, and stream while you commute in BC’s Lower Mainland and even on the TTC in Ontario. You’ll have access to mobile coverage on:

  • The Skytrain between Waterfront, Burrard, Granville, and Stadium-Chinatown stations, all above ground stations and along the Canada Line.
  • The TTC, including all subway stations, platforms, mezzanines and toll booths.

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