WiFi Calling is included and available to Shaw Mobile customers with compatible iOS and Android devices. WiFi Calling allows compatible devices to make and receive calls, plus send text, picture, and video messages over a WiFi connection using Voice-over-WiFi (VoWiFi) technology instead of a mobile network connection.

Once enabled, WiFi Calling features are available anywhere in the world when connected to a WiFi network with a reliable Internet connection. Your phone number remains the same and you can use your phone exactly like you would when connected to the Shaw network in Canada.

Access to WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is included and available for all Shaw Mobile customers using compatible iOS and Android devices that are updated to the latest software and connected to a WiFi network with a reliable Internet connection. The WiFi Calling feature is not enabled on devices by default, as we require additional information from you regarding emergency 9-1-1 address instructions prior to activation.

Every WiFi network with a reliable Internet connection can support WiFi Calling; however, you may encounter limitations when using networks with low bandwidth and/or low upload speeds, or with networks that block certain connections such as IPSec (Internet Protocol Security). For Shaw Internet customers, all of our in-home WiFi modems support WiFi Calling. Additionally, all Shaw Go WiFi hotspots and networks allow WiFi Calling connections.

Note: Mesh WiFi products for the home (i.e. Google WiFi) may not support a seamless hand-off experience during WiFi Calling or during a VOIP call (i.e. Skype, FaceTime). As a device moves between WiFi access points, a brief interruption of your call may occur while the device transitions to the stronger WiFi access point or falls back to the mobile network.

Device Compatibility

All new iPhones and most new Android devices purchased directly from Shaw are capable of WiFi Calling. Additionally, many popular phones brought from other carriers or purchased directly from the manufacturer support WiFi Calling when updated to the latest software.

To use WiFi Calling, the following is required:

  • Active Shaw Mobile service, including a Shaw Mobile SIM card (physical or eSIM)
  • Connection to a WiFi network with reliable Internet access
  • WiFi Calling is enabled on your device, and the service has been activated with Shaw Mobile, including the successful submission of 9-1-1 emergency address information (see below for detailed iOS and Android instructions)

Note: Shaw Mobile cannot guarantee WiFi Calling compatibility for devices not purchased directly from us.

Use our Device Compatibility Checker to confirm if your device supports WiFi Calling.

Setting up WiFi Calling on iPhone

Before setting up WiFi Calling on your iPhone, please confirm the following requirements:

  • Model: iPhone 5s or newer
  • Software Version: iOS 11.3 or later
  • Carrier Bundle: Shaw

For more information check out How To: Update your iPhone Carrier Bundle.

Once confirmed, click here for instructions to set up Wi-Fi Calling on an iPhone.

Next to the network signal strength indicator, Shaw will be replaced by Wi-Fi Calling when your iPhone is connected to WiFi for calling and messaging.

If you need to update your 9-1-1 emergency address, follow the steps above and select Update Emergency Address from the Wi-Fi Calling menu.

Setting up WiFi Calling on Android

Follow the steps below to set up WiFi Calling on your compatible Android phone:

  1. Connect your phone to a WiFi network with Internet access
  2. Open the Phone app
  3. Tap the Menu button
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Look for Wi-Fi Calling
  6. Toggle WiFi Calling ON to enable it and activate the service
  7. Review the WiFi Calling Terms of Service and tap Accept when ready
  8. Login to your My Shaw Mobile account using your phone number and PIN
  9. You will be prompted to fill out a form to set your Canadian 9-1-1 emergency address
  10. Tap Continue when you have completed the form
  11. Tap Done to complete the WiFi Calling activation process.
    • You may receive a text message confirming WiFi Calling is enabled

If you encounter issues setting up WiFi Calling using the steps above, please try registering here.

The WiFi Calling connection indicator varies by manufacturer on Android devices. Some may replace the Shaw network name with Wi-Fi Calling, while others will use a symbol in the status bar to indicate a connection.

Many Android devices allow a user customization for when a WiFi Calling connection should be active. When selecting Wi-Fi preferred, WiFi Calling will be active for calling and messaging whenever the device is connected to WiFi network with a reliable Internet connection. When Cellular Network Preferred is selected, WiFi Calling will only be used when a mobile network is not available or signal strength is reduced.

Note: Settings menus and steps may vary by device manufacturer. If the above steps do not work, open Settings and type VoWiFi or Wi-Fi Calling into the search field.

WiFi Calling Limitations for Emergency Calls

Due to limitations with the VoIP technology required for WiFi Calling, current location information is unavailable to emergency operators during a 9-1-1 call placed over WiFi Calling. An address is required in the event that you are unable to communicate your location to the emergency operator during a 9-1-1 call made over WiFi.

For safety reasons, you should always update this address to your current WiFi location in the WiFi Calling settings on your phone. Ensuring that your emergency 9-1-1 address is accurate and up to date is solely your responsibility.

Learn more about the Limitations for using 9-1-1 emergency services with WiFi Calling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WiFi Calling use data from my Shaw Mobile wireless plan?

No, WiFi Calling does not use mobile data from your Shaw Mobile plan, but may be subject to caps and limitations associated to the WiFi network your device is connected to.

WiFi Calling is subject to the same calling and messaging limits that exist for your rate plan when connected to the Shaw network. For most customers, this means that outgoing calls to any phone number in Canada, all incoming calls and messages sent to any global mobile phone number are included when using WiFi Calling. Visit My Shaw Mobile to check calling and messaging features included with your rate plan.

Can I use WiFi Calling when travelling outside of Canada?

Yes, unlike some other mobile carriers, Shaw Mobile customers can access WiFi Calling features when connected to any WiFi network globally. When outside of Canada, calling and messaging limits included with your rate plan when connected to the Shaw network apply. In other words, even when outside of Canada, calls and messages are treated as if you are located in Canada and connected to the Shaw network when using WiFi calling.

For all customers with voice included in their plans, all outgoing calls to any phone number in Canada, all incoming calls and messages sent to any global mobile phone number are included when using WiFi Calling internationally. To ensure that you do not incur roaming charges, we strongly suggest enabling Airplane Mode (or turning off mobile network connectivity) and enabling WiFi on your device before making a call or sending a message. If you have removed your Shaw Mobile SIM card from your device while travelling, you will not have access to WiFi Calling features.

What happens when I’m on a call and leave a WiFi network?

If your device supports both WiFi Calling and VoLTE (and the services are both enabled), your call will automatically transition between WiFi and the Shaw LTE network without dropping. If your call transitions from WiFi to the 3G mobile network, it will remain on 3G until the call is terminated. Calls started on the 3G network will not transition to WiFi.

If your device does not support VoLTE, travelling beyond the range of the connected WiFi network may cause the call to drop. To make sure your call doesn’t drop, you should stay inside the range of the WiFi network for the duration of your call.

How much does WiFi Calling cost?

There is no cost for WiFi Calling access. Instead, any calls made and/or messages made or sent via WiFi Calling will be counted against your rate plan, as if they were made from the Shaw network - regardless of your location. Any services not included in your plan will continue to be charged on the same Pay Per Use basis. Usage information will be reflected in a local Canadian time zone depending on the network node through which your calls are routed (usually GMT+5 or GMT+8) and updated the same way as any other call detail record on your monthly bill.

Will all network features work with WiFi Calling?

Almost all call control features included with Shaw Mobile rate plans are available when using WiFi calling (i.e . Voicemail, Call Forwarding, or Missed Call Alerts). The only exceptions are location-based calling services (such as 2-1-1, 3-1-1, and #taxi), which are not supported while WiFi Calling is enabled. To use location-based calling services, please disconnect from WiFi before placing the call, and reconnect to WiFi once you’re done.

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