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About: VoLTE Roaming

VoLTE Roaming allows you to continue experiencing all the VoLTE features like improved call quality, faster call setup times and using LTE voice and data at the same time, all while roaming on another network. Device and Network Capability If your de... Read more

About: 3G Network Shutdown in the USA

Wireless providers in the U.S. are beginning to shut down their 3G networks. In the upcoming months, you’ll need a compatible phone and SIM that supports VoLTE Roaming to continue using voice services in the U.S. Frequently Asked Questions Which phon... Read more

About: Secure Forms

Secure Forms provide an added layer of security to prevent fraud and reduce the potential for mishandling of sensitive credit card information. Shaw Mobile will send a secure link to customers via email, instructing customers to complete and submit a... Read more

About: BlackBerry Decommissioning Legacy Devices

As of January 4, 2022, BlackBerry will be decommissioning their legacy services. Devices running these legacy services and software through any carrier or Wi-Fi connections will no longer reliably function, including for data, phone calls, SMS and 9-... Read more

How to: Set up your new Shaw Mobile Device

If your Shaw Mobile device was shipped to you from a Shaw retail location or by one of our In-Home sales associates, you’ll find information regarding your new Shaw Mobile account and setting up your new device below. Shaw Mobile In-Home Sales Progra... Read more

Quick Answer: How do I report spam text messages?

Get a malicious spam message to your mobile? You can easily report the message to help update spam filters for all Shaw Mobile customers. Solution Forward the spam message to the short code 7726 (SPAM). Don't respond to the message, responding let's ... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Device Care app

The Shaw Mobile Device Care app provides a personalized device care experience - allowing you to scan and diagnose your device for issues, offering smart recommendations and step-by-step instructions to optimize your device. Visit the Apple App Store... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Roaming Passes

Stay connected wherever you go. Get a roaming pass for extra data, calling, and texting while travelling. Our roaming passes are available for all plans. Visit the Shaw Mobile website for the latest roaming passes. Making Calls while Roaming Internat... Read more

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