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Shaw Mobile: One-Time Passes and Add-Ons

Shaw Mobile offers a variety of Add-Ons and One-Time Passes to keep you connected whether you’re travelling throughout Canada, visiting international destinations, or making calls to international phone numbers. One-Time Pass One-Time Passes are desi... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Long Distance and Roaming

Shaw Mobile offers a variety of options to keep you connected while travelling throughout Canada, visiting International destinations and to make calls to International phone numbers. You may need to enable International Roaming in My Shaw Mobile. Na... Read more

Shaw Mobile: MyTab Program

Shaw Mobile’s MyTab program lets you reduce the upfront cost of purchasing a device by taking advantage of a monthly payment program that spreads out payments over a 24 month term. For available MyTab offers, check out our Devices page. MyTab Eligibi... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Accessibility Support

To address the needs and concerns of all our customers, Shaw Mobile provides the following services for customers with disabilities: Teletypewriter – TTY Service 7-1-1 IP Relay Service Directory Assistance Alternative Format Documentation For detaile... Read more

Shaw Mobile: IP Relay

Shaw Mobile offers IP Relay to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals to place and receive text-based relay calls from their mobile device or personal computer. IP to Voice calls within North America are free of charge to the IP caller. International a... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Discount Eligibility

Shaw customers in wireless coverage areas of Alberta and British Columbia may be eligible for a discount on select Shaw Mobile rate plans when they also subscribe to a qualifying residential Internet plan. About the Shaw Mobile Discount Program If yo... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Rate Plans

Shaw Mobile provides flexible, smart, postpaid rate plans that fit a broad range of connectivity needs. We know that mobile rate plans can be confusing, so we want to provide all the information you need right here, to help you find the one that best... Read more

About: Shaw Mobile

Shaw Mobile is Canada’s newest wireless service built with Internet at the center of the experience and designed to seamlessly enable total connectivity. Shaw Internet customers get access to a fast 4G LTE wireless network that combines our Fibre+ In... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Text to Landline Service

Text to Landline messaging allows you to send a text message from your Shaw Mobile phone to any landline phone in Canada or the United States. Text messages are converted into voice messages for the recipient. How it Works Once a Text to Landline mes... Read more

Understanding Call Control on your Shaw Mobile Phone

The Call Control suite of services is included with all Shaw Mobile rate plans and provides access to enhanced features that add flexibility to your wireless experience. Call Control includes the following five (5) services: Caller ID Missed Call Ale... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Premium SMS Messages and Calls

While Shaw Mobile supports premium SMS and calls, it is important to note that use of these services may incur additional fees beyond your monthly rate plan and Add-Ons. Short Codes Short codes are premium SMS messages that are used for many value-ad... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Data Caps and Roaming

Data caps are designed to prevent customers from incurring unwanted data overages by limiting data spending while travelling or using plans that do not include data. At Shaw Mobile, there are two types of data caps: National (on the Shaw or Nationwid... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Voicemail

Voicemail service is included with all Shaw Mobile rate plans and allows callers to leave you a message when you’re unavailable. Included Voicemail Service by Rate Plan The Voicemail service included with your Shaw Mobile rate plans varies by plan ty... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Visual Voicemail

Visual Voicemail is available for all Shaw Mobile rate plans and is an Add-On feature that allows customers to easily access their voicemail messages directly from their device, without having to dial-in. Voicemail messages are downloaded to your dev... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Wireless Public Alerting (WPA)

The Alert Ready system allows notifying authorities from federal, provincial and territorial governments to issue a wide range of public safety messages directly to your mobile device. Government officials developed and agreed on a specific list of a... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Enhanced 9-1-1 Services (E-9-1-1)

Enhanced 9-1-1 (E9-1-1) is a service that provides additional information to 9-1-1 operators about your location when making an emergency call from a mobile phone. In the event that you are unable to provide the operator with information about your l... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Fair Usage Policy

The Fair Usage Policy limits Data, Talk or Text usage within a billing cycle. Fair Usage Policy All services provided to you by Shaw Mobile are intended for your personal use and not for commercial use or resale. Sharing, selling or reselling the ser... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding is included as a feature with all Shaw Mobile rate plans and is part of our Call Control suite of services. Call Forwarding lets you redirect incoming calls from your Shaw Mobile phone number to another Canadian phone number. Learn mo... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Warranty Process

Device manufacturers offer a minimum one-year limited warranty that covers defects, beginning on the original date of purchase. The original bill of sale may be required to prove warranty validity. Some devices may be subject to alternative warranty ... Read more

How To: Return Shaw Mobile Equipment

Our return policy is designed to be simple and easy. If you find that Shaw Mobile product(s) are not meeting your expectations, follow these instructions to return your Shaw Mobile device. What is your Return / Exchange Policy? Within 15 days, if you... Read more

How To: Confirm Shaw Mobile Device Compatibility

Shaw Mobile's network offers both LTE and 3G service in Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario using various frequency bands and network technologies. If you’re bringing a phone to Shaw from another provider or purchasing directly from a manufacturer... Read more

Shaw Mobile: About eSIM

Shaw Mobile supports eSIM technology for compatible iOS and Android devices. Embedded SIM or eSIM, is a tiny programmable (and re-writable) digital SIM card that is built into a phone and replaces a physical SIM card with a QR code that allows your d... Read more

Shaw Mobile: RCS (Rich Communication Services)

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is the next generation of messaging for Android phones. RCS is supported on devices purchased from Shaw, brought to us from other carriers, or purchased directly from the manufacturer. Shaw Mobile supports RCS functi... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Enhanced Services Device Compatibility

Shaw Mobile offers an extensive suite of enhanced mobile services that are designed to improve your network experience and provide you with access to industry-leading technology. New devices purchased directly from Shaw are compatible with most of ou... Read more

How To: Update your iPhone Carrier Bundle

iOS Carrier Bundles provide your iPhone with important Shaw Mobile features and network configurations including WiFi Calling, VoLTE, Shaw Go WiFi authentication, Voicemail, MMS settings, and APN settings. You should automatically receive the latest ... Read more

Shaw Mobile: WiFi Calling

WiFi Calling is included and available to Shaw Mobile customers with compatible iOS and Android devices. WiFi Calling allows compatible devices to make and receive calls, plus send text, picture, and video messages over a WiFi connection using Voice-... Read more

Shaw Mobile: VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

The Shaw network is equipped with VoLTE (Voice over LTE) technology for improved voice quality, faster call setup times, and the simultaneous use of fast LTE data while you’re on a call. Plus, if your phone is compatible with WiFi Calling, your calls... Read more

Shaw Mobile: 4G LTE

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a 4G (4th generation) network technology that enables data speeds that are several times faster than 3G. With LTE, websites and apps are more responsive, video streams are smoother, and downloads are faster. ... Read more

Shaw Mobile: LAA (License Assisted Access)

LAA (License Assisted Access) is a network technology that takes advantage of unlicensed spectrum to provide faster data speeds. Access to LAA LAA allows Shaw Mobile to provide an improved data experience in areas with high network traffic such as ma... Read more

Shaw Mobile: Extended Range LTE

Extended Range LTE is our 700 MHz low-band (Band 13) LTE network that reaches farther and penetrates walls for better coverage in buildings, basements, and elevators. You will automatically connect to Extended Range LTE when using a compatible device... Read more

Shaw Mobile Coverage

Whether you’re connected to the Shaw network, Shaw Go WiFi, or one of our partners’ Nationwide mobile networks, we’ve got you covered coast to coast in Canada. Plus, you’ll never get an unexpected data overage charge. About Shaw Mobile's Networks Sha... Read more

Shaw Mobile: About 5G

Shaw's investing billions of dollars in 5G technology that will benefit everything from entertainment and gaming to education and public safety. Over time, 5G will deliver faster speeds, real-time responses and enhanced connectivity, giving businesse... Read more

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