During times like these, your Internet, TV and phone services keep you connected to your family, your community and the world. We’ve opened up Shaw Go WiFi, Canada’s largest WiFi network, to everybody. Shaw will give everyone complimentary and unrestricted access to Shaw Go WiFi network hotspots regardless of whether or not they’re a Shaw customer.

ShawGo - Terms and Conditions - March 18th, 2020.jpg

We're working to make sure that this new public network is available at every place Shaw Go WiFi is currently available. Please make sure that you are at a hotspot broadcasting "ShawGo" to connect to the publicly available WiFi.

While within range of a public hotspot:

1. Open device settings.
2. Open WiFi settings.
3. Select the 'ShawGo' SSID from the list of nearby WiFi networks.
4. Select "Accept" on the Terms and Conditions page.
5. You're now connected!

See our full guide here to get access to Shaw Go WiFi for more.





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