As of March 6, 2017, Webspace, Photo Share, Video Mail, and have been retired.


We understand that the information and assets stored on your accounts are important to you. You will continue to have access to the contents of your accounts until March 6, 2018 before 12pm EST; however, we encourage you to move your items to other services, such as WordPress, Facebook, Google Photos or YouTube as soon as possible to avoid losing any important photos and/or information.


As of December 5, 2016, new customers can no longer sign up for Shaw Photo Share, Video Mail, Webspace, and Existing customers can continue to access their content until March 6, 2017. After this date, we will store customer information for one year in a cloud-based tool.


Will my email account (Shaw Webmail) be affected by these changes?

No, these changes are only for Webspace and our other legacy web apps. Any files or emails stored in your email account inbox or other email folders will not be affected.


How to Retrieve Your Content

You can easily retrieve all your content here. On December 6, 2016, we will email you a unique Access Code to access your files. If you did not receive an access code, click here. You can also login to My Account to get to the retrieval site to download your information. Alternatively, signing into any of the web apps (such as Photo Share) will automatically prompt your information to become available for download through


Why are these services being retired?

Due to limited usage and more popular free third-party services available to our customers, on March 6, 2017, we’ve retired the Shaw Photo Share, Video Mail, Webspace and web apps.

With free services like WordPress, Facebook, Google Photos, YouTube, and Instagram, Shaw Photo Share, Video Mail, Webspace and have become redundant and no longer provide the best value and best experience to our customers.

We have shifted our focus to other next-generation apps that provide more valuable to customers, such as FreeRange TV.


What should I do now?

If you have already downloaded your data, we recommend that you start looking at alternative solutions to the service you were using such as WordPress, Facebook, Google Photos or YouTube.

If you have not already downloaded your data, click here to learn how.


Will Shaw offer replacement services for these applications?

We will not be offering an alternative provided by Shaw. If you require assistance identifying an alternative solution, please Contact Us for assistance.


Will this affect my bill?

No. These services were offered as a no-cost value-add to your Internet package. You will not see any impact to your bill as a result of this change.


What happens if I do not retrieve my information?

We will store your data until March 6, 2018 12pm EST. We encourage you to remove your information as soon as possible.


I didn’t receive an e-mail; how do I get my access code?

On December 6, 2016, we sent a unique access code to the email address you originally signed up with. Please be sure to check your Junk folder.


If you are unable to find the access code you can take the following steps. 

  1. Sign into your My Account profile
  2. Click on Internet on the left hand side
  3. Select the option to Retrieve Content.
    • You will be prompted to accept the download, and once completed you can click and drag the downloaded folder into Documents, Desktop, or a location of your choice.


my account retrieve content


Click here to setup a My Account If you do not currently have a My Account created.



How to use the Content Retrieval Site

    1. Paste or type your access code and click submit to display your available content

      app retirement retrieval step 1 one


    2. Your content will be sorted by application. Click the Download button to start downloading your content.

      app retirement retrieval step 2 two download


    3. Open the downloaded content:
      • In Chrome:

        app retirement retrieval step 3 chrome download save as


      • In Internet Explorer:

        app retirement retrieval step 3 internet explorer ie download save as


    4. Click and drag the downloaded folder to Documents, Desktop, or location of your choice.

      app retirement retrieval step 4 four save location


If you are experiencing issues, please Contact Us for assistance.