The BlueCurve TV Experience introduces exciting new features such as Voice Control, Recommendations, integrated Apps and more. See below to find out what's new and what you can expect with BlueCurve TV. 




BlueCurve TV hardware ecosystem

BlueCurve TV Hardware is all new for Shaw. We connect you to the world and everything in it! In addition to a new HDPVR and cable box, we're introducing new portals and a new BlueCurve TV Remote with voice control. 


BlueCurve TV Hardware:

BlueCurve TV Player | Wireless 4K (Xi6)

BlueCurve TV Player | 4K (XG1v4) BlueCurve TV Player (XiD) BlueCurve TV Remote


BlueCurve TV Player | 4K (XG1v4) Portal BlueCurve TV Voice Remote Control

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What to expect with BlueCurve TV

With BlueCurve TV you can expect some great new features such as a voice remote where you can use voice commands to tell your remote what you want to watch and let it do the work. You can use on-screen Apps for quick, useful information such as Sports, Weather, Stocks, and Traffic. BlueCurve TV features a smarter guide and menu, The Guide will make recommendations for you based on social media trends (Twitter), your viewing history, and through Common Sense Media ratings (parental controls). The Saved menu is your one-stop shop for all of your favourite programs -- recently watched shows, recorded shows, scheduled recordings, and favourites.


Notable BlueCurve TV Features:


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