The BlueCurve TV experience includes exciting features like voice control, integrated apps, wireless TV hardware, cloud PVR, and more. See below to find out what you can expect with BlueCurve TV.

BlueCurve TV hardware ecosystem

BlueCurve TV hardware is sleek, easy to set up and easy to use. We connect you to the world and everything in it! In addition to a our wireless 4K TV box, we include a BlueCurve TV remote with voice control.

BlueCurve TV Hardware:

4K Wireless TV Player (XiOne or Xi6)

4K TV Player (XG1v4) TV Player (XiD) Voice Remote



BlueCurve TV Player | 4K (XG1v4) Portal xr15.png


Learn more: BlueCurve TV Hardware Overview

BlueCurve TV features

Here are a few of the key features included with BlueCurve TV:

Voice control

Integrated apps

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Sports, Weather, and more! Use on-screen apps to watch your favourite content, or find useful info quickly.
  • Read About: BlueCurve TV cable box apps to learn more.

Cloud PVR

  • Access your BlueCurve TV PVR recordings on the go with the BlueCurve TV mobile and web app.
  • Visit About: Cloud PVR to learn more.

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