Cloud PVR is an enhancement to the Ignite TV PVR. It works just like a regular PVR, but includes new features like the ability to stream recordings to mobile devices and computers with the Ignite TV App or website. In addition, recordings can be "checked out" and downloaded to your mobile device for offline viewing. Cloud PVR is available only with Ignite TV.

Cloud PVR features

There are a number of great features with the Ignite TV PVR. 

Features of Cloud PVR include:

*Recorded content can be streamed anywhere within Canada

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Cloud PVR requirements

Ignite TV is all you need to record with Cloud PVR and watch your recordings at home. For more information on Ignite TV, visit Ignite TV product overview.

Streaming and managing your recordings from a mobile device or computer can be done with the Ignite TV App. For details on the app including system requirements, visit Overview of the Ignite TV App.

How to use Cloud PVR

Cloud PVR includes enhanced features that are available via Ignite TV and the Ignite TV App. You can watch, delete and change your existing recordings remotely via the Ignite TV App or website. Or, "check-out" and download your recordings to your mobile device and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Visit these pages for step by step guides:

Cloud PVR FAQs

Learn more about Cloud PVR with our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Cloud PVR?

Cloud PVR is an enhancement to the Ignite TV PVR. This feature allows you to access your recordings from mobile devices and computers while connected to any WiFi or mobile network via the Ignite TV App or website. You can also download and "check-out" recordings to a mobile device to watch offline when WiFi or mobile networks are not available.

Who is eligible to use Cloud PVR?

All Ignite TV customers in areas where Cloud PVR is available.

Is Cloud PVR available to existing Ignite TV customers?

Yes, Cloud PVR is available to all Ignite TV customers. Once you've acknowledged the terms of service (prompt on your TV screen), you can begin using the functionality.

How can I access my recordings using Cloud PVR?

You can access PVR recordings on all your Ignite TV devices at home, on mobile devices with the Ignite TV App, or on a computer by going to

Note: While viewing your recordings on the Ignite TV App you may notice that they are temporarily unavailable via your cable box until they are "checked back in".

What devices are supported?

The Ignite TV App is currently available for iOS devices running 9.0 or higher and Android devices running 4.4 (Jelly Bean) or higher. Windows phones and tablets are currently not supported. The Ignite TV website is accessible from PCs and Macs. For more information on Ignite TV requirements, visit Overview of the Ignite TV App.

Why can't all customers access PVR recordings via Ignite TV?

Cloud PVR recording features are only available for Ignite TV customers. For more information on Ignite TV, visit

How long will my recordings stay in the cloud? Is there an expiry time?

By default, recordings will automatically be deleted when space is needed for new recordings. When recordings are set to "Until Expiry", they will be saved for up to one (1) year. Once the recording has expired, it is automatically deleted.

Can I view 4K recordings through the cloud PVR?

Recorded 4K content is only available through a 4K capable set-top box.

Why is my recording missing from my cable box after I watch it on my mobile device?

The recording has been "checked out" on your mobile device. When checked out, the recording will no longer be available to be viewed on your Ignite TV Set Top Box in your home until it is checked back in from the mobile device. 


Existing Ignite TV Customer FAQs

Do I have to upgrade my service or get new equipment to use Cloud PVR?

Cloud PVR works with your existing Ignite TV package and TV equipment. It is an included feature for eligible customers, and doesn't require any upgrades on your part.

Does this change the way I setup PVR recordings on my TV?

No. Scheduling and watching recordings with .Ignite TV still works the same as before. Cloud PVR adds enhanced features, like the ability to watch PVR recordings remotely, via the Ignite TV App.

Will Cloud PVR impact my existing Ignite TV recordings?


Will my existing Ignite TV recordings be available to watch on the Ignite TV App?

No. Only new recordings will be available to watch on the Ignite TV App.

Will I lose scheduled recordings?


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