In order to provide you with the best TV experience possible, we’re streamlining our TV hardware product offerings. Some of our legacy TV boxes are nearing the end of their life cycle and will be retired, meaning TV programming will no longer be accessible with those TV boxes. This includes regular TV shows, Video On Demand, Pay-Per-View events, and Stingray Music.

If you use any of the TV boxes listed below, you will have received a call, email and/or an invoice message from Shaw to discuss this change and hardware replacement options.

Frequently asked questions

Why will Shaw no longer be supporting this TV equipment?

  • We’re streamlining our products so that we can provide you with the best TV experience possible. Removing older hardware from our network makes room for updated technology and new features.
  • To learn more about our TV equipment options, please contact us to avoid any interruption to your viewing experience.

How can I access TV programming if my TV box is no longer working?

  • Please contact us, and we can work with you to replace your TV box as soon as possible to ensure your service isn't interrupted.
  • If you haven't heard from us, or want to know more about your options, please contact us.
  • You can still stream live TV on your mobile device or computer with the BlueCurve TV app. Visit to learn more.

What should I do with my TV box when it is no longer working?

  • You are not required to return your TV box to Shaw, although we will gladly accept your box for recycling at any of our Shaw retail locations.
  • You can also recycle it free of charge at most local electronic stores or landfill sites.

TV boxes scheduled for retirement

The TV boxes listed in this section have been scheduled for retirement. Please make note of the specified retirement date(s) listed below, as the TV box(es) identified will no longer be supported after this date.


TV box model Retirement date

DCT 6412

DCT 6412 TV box

February 18, 2020

Upcoming TV boxes to be retired

The TV boxes listed in this section do not have a specified retirement date yet, but are tentatively scheduled for retirement in the next year. If you currently use any of these TV boxes, please note the time frames listed below, as these boxes will not be supported for much longer. As soon as we have specified a retirement date, we'll be sure to update this page.


TV box model Retirement date

Pace Aspen

Pace Aspen TV box

TBD - Spring 2020

Pace Whistler

Pace Whistler TV box

TBD - Summer 2020

TV boxes no longer supported

These TV boxes have been retired and are no longer supported.


TV box model Retirement date

Pace Tahoe

Pace Tahoe TV box

December 4, 2019

DCT 2000HT

DCT 2000HT TV box

May 7, 2019
DCT 2000

DCT 2000 TV box

May 7, 2019

DCT 3080

DCT 3080 TV box

December 8, 2018

DCT 6208

DCT 6208 TV box

October 1, 2018

DCT 5100

DCT 5100 TV box

October 1, 2018

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