Learn about the settings, functionality, and key features of the following TV boxes: Ignite TV Entertainment Box, TV Player, Arris Gateway, HD Guide, and Classic Guide. Our newest digital TV box is Ignite TV Entertainment Box featuring our voice remote.

Features by device type

Here is a look at the various features specific to different TV boxes sorted from our most recent to our legacy TV cable boxes.

Ignite Entertainment Box or TV Player

Here is a sample of the various features of Ignite TV. Ignite TV comes with a voice remote so you can access various features and options by simply using the remote control to do everything from tuning into a specific channel to accessing parental controls. View these resources for additional details.


 Arris Gateway

Here is a look at various features of our Gateway digital box. You can also access the Gateway user manual for more information as well.

HD Guide

The HD Guide is one of our older cable boxes. Browse the resources below to learn everything from how to access the guide to setting up the recording of your favourite television programs.

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