Learn about some of the features of BlueCurve TV that can provide a more accessible TV experience for Shaw BlueCurve TV customers with disabilities. BlueCurve TV offers these key accessibility features.



Voice Guidance

The Voice Guidance option features the BlueCurve TV talking guide that speaks on-screen text and options aloud to help you navigate through screens and menus. The feature empowers customers who are visually impaired or have difficulty reading and comprehending the BlueCurve TV interface to navigate it independently. Voice Guidance is only available on the BlueCurve TV Operating System from Shaw.

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Voice Remote

The BlueCurve TV cable box listens. With the BlueCurve TV voice remote, you can use simple voice commands to change channels, search for shows, enable closed captioning and more. Just say things like “Watch Ellen,” “Show me movies with dinosaurs,” “what should I watch?” “when is the next Canucks game on?” and much more. The Voice Remote is only available with BlueCurve TV.

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Video Description

The BlueCurve TV cable box also communicates through narration. Video description is a secondary audio program with a narrator that describes what’s happening on the screen, including actions, facial expressions, scene changes, graphics information and on-screen text. 


BlueCurve TV: Accessibility Settings - Video Description

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Enhanced Closed Captioning

With BlueCurve TV Enhanced Closed Captioning settings give you control over the style of your closed captions including:


  • The on-screen transcription of the dialogue
  • Sound effects on the show you’re watching
  • The ability to ensure caption readability with options like font size, style and color, background color and opacity and more.

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Did You Know


The easiest way to enable the two is to hit the down arrow when watching a program and use the quick menu.  You can also toggle to enable/disable Closed Captioning by simply saying "Closed Captioning" in your Voice Remote.


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