Learn about BlueCurve TV hardware items, functionality, menu settings and billing information with our list of frequently asked questions.

About BlueCurve TV

BlueCurve TV is our current TV experience being offered by Shaw. Powered by Comcast’s X1 platform, BlueCurve TV offers a TV experience like no other in Canada. With a voice-activated remote, enhanced menus and smart search capabilities, BlueCurve TV allows you to:

Say it. See it. Love it.  BlueCurve TV also gives you access to your favourite apps including Netflix and Disney+.




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BlueCurve TV FAQs

Here is some additional insight based on some frequently asked questions about BlueCurve TV. You may find some useful tips in our original BlueCurve TV User Guide - pdf for more details about BlueCurve TV.

Is BlueCurve TV available in my area?

BlueCurve TV was rolled out to various regions across Canada. Visit Shaw.ca to see our latest TV offerings.

Do I need new hardware if I order BlueCurve TV?

Yes, BlueCurve TV comes with three new pieces of hardware including the BlueCurve TV digital box, the BlueCurve TV Player (XiD) and the Voice Remote.

Is it true that BlueCurve TV comes with a voice remote?

Yes, BlueCurve TV comes with a remote control that you can use voice commands with to find your favourite actors, teams, shows, movies and channels faster than ever. Learn more about voice commands.


Can I use my Harmony remote with BlueCurve TV?

Yes, the Harmony remote does work with BlueCurve TV, though Shaw does not support setting up or troubleshooting the remote. BlueCurve TV is designed to be an all-in-one product. In addition, unless you are using the BlueCurve TV Remote, you will not have access to the functionality of the voice remote/commands.

Is BlueCurve TV 4K compatible?

No, BlueCurve TV hardware is all new but the BlueCurve TV digital box does not currently support 4K. Shaw does not currently offer 4K services. BlueCurve TV is 1080p capable as well as HD compatible.

Is BlueCurve TV IP based?

BlueCurve TV is not IP based per se. It can be considered “hybrid” as VOD streams are IP based the same way BlueCurve TV is. TV Channels are delivered the same way as other Shaw video products. 

Can BlueCurve TV co-exist with old Gateway/HD Guide hardware?

No, BlueCurve TV is designed to be an all-in-one product and is not designed to co-exist with any legacy Shaw video hardware.

Do I get any new channels with BlueCurve TV?

There are no channels specific to BlueCurve TV. There are two ways that you can view your channels including on the Shaw Channel Listings page.

How many programs can I record with the BlueCurve TV PVR?

You can record up to six shows at the same time with your BlueCurve TV PVR. With BlueCurve TV you have the ability to have up to three BlueCurve TV Players in your home. Each BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3) includes a 500GB hard drive. See: BlueCurve TV Tuner Information.

Can I watch any of my recordings on all of my TV boxes?

Yes, completed recordings are viewable on all BlueCurve TV Players in the home.

Does BlueCurve TV work with BlueCurve TV?

Yes. You can get the BlueCurve TV app with BlueCurve TV. It is available for iOS, Android or computer.

What does BlueCurve TV whole-home PVR mean?

BlueCurve TV offers a whole home experience meaning that you can record live TV or upcoming shows from any BlueCurve Box in the home. You can start watching on one TV and pick up where you left off on another.

What happens if I add a second (or third) BlueCurve TV PVR?

When you add a second (or third) BlueCurve TV PVR, you increase the amount of PVR storage. In addition, your recording schedule recalculates based on the number of BlueCurve TV recording resources in your home.

Can I have more than 3 BlueCurve TV PVRs in my home?

No, at this time the maximum number of BlueCurve TV Players that you can have is 3.

How will BlueCurve TV affect my monthly Shaw bill?

This will depend on your billing cycle and whether you are a current Shaw subscriber or new to Shaw. If you are an existing Shaw customer this will also depend on your current packaging. See our article on BlueCurve Billing Scenarios for additional information.

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