Find answers to frequently asked questions about the BlueCurve TV Player | Wireless 4K (Xi6). This page includes general information, details on eligibility, and questions about how the 4K Wireless box works with your WiFi network.

General FAQs

What are the requirements to have the 4K wireless box?

The Wireless BlueCurve TV Player is now available in almost every area with Shaw services—99.5% to be exact!

BlueCurve Gateway is required.

Additional restrictions may apply based on subscribed services and packages.

Current areas that are not eligible:

British Columbia

Alert Bay, Galiano Island, Lillooet, Mayne Island, Mudge Island, Nimpkish Heights, Paul Lake, Pender Island, Pinantan Lake, Port McNeill, Protection Island, Sointula


Civeo Lodge Work Camp, Fort Mackay, Husky Sunrise Work Camp, Lake Louise, Noralta Work Camp, Suncor Work Camp, Syncrude Work Camp


Beausejour, St. Eustache, Teulon


Balmertown, Cochenour, Ear Falls, Lake Helen, Manitouwadge, Red Lake, Sioux Lookout

Is there a limit to the number of 4K Wireless boxes I can have?

Yes. A maximum of eight 4K wireless boxes are allowed per home.

Can the 4K wireless box be my only TV set-top box?


Does the 4K wireless box support 4K/Ultra HD resolution?

Yes! It supports 4K/Ultra HD resolution where available. Currently 4K content is available via Netflix with a Premium subscription and on YouTube.

I'm interested in getting the 4K wireless box! How do I get setup?

Please contact us and let us know you want the BlueCurve TV Player | Wireless 4K (Xi6).

Wireless Connectivity FAQs

How does the 4K wireless box connect and receive a TV signal?

The 4K wireless box connects over WiFi to your BlueCurve Gateway modem. TV signal is delivered via IP (Internet Protocol) to the Gateway and over WiFi to the 4K wireless box.

Since the 4K wireless box connects through my Internet modem, does it impact my Internet speed or bandwidth?

No. The BlueCurve Gateway modem uses a portion of the 5GHz WiFi band, but should not have any effect on the performance of your Internet service.

Can I move the 4K wireless box to a different location in the house?

Yes, you can move the 4K wireless box, provided it maintains a wireless connection to the BlueCurve Gateway modem. Please note, however, that the distance from your XB6, along with other factors in your home (e.g., metal ducts, brick walls, double pane windows, etc.) will affect the video quality on the 4K wireless box.

Can I hide the 4K wireless box out of sight?

Yes. After the remote has been paired, the 4K wireless box can be placed anywhere it can maintain a WiFi connection to your BlueCurve Gateway, like in a cabinet or behind a TV. The BlueCurve TV Voice Remote does not require line-of-sight to the 4K wireless box.

Can I connect the 4K wireless box to my WiFi range extender?

We recommend connecting the 4K wireless box directly to your BlueCurve Gateway for the best viewing experience. We cannot guarantee that the 4K wireless box will work properly over WiFi range extenders.

Can I use another modem to connect the 4K wireless box?

No, the 4K wireless box can only be used with the BlueCurve Gateway.

Will an 4K wireless box work if I have my Gateway in bridge mode?

No, the BlueCurve Gateway must be in gateway mode (not bridged) for a 4K wireless box to work.

Will a 4K wireless box work if I'm using a third party router?

Shaw does not support this configuration.

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