The Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve TV) remote control has voice control and is included with the Ignite TV hardware bundle. The Ignite TV remote will help you find your programming faster by using voice commands to change channels, search for shows, get program recommendations, access PVR recordings and more.

Remote control overview

We offer two Ignite TV remote models. They both include the same great features, just with a slightly different button layout.

XR11 Ignite TV remote (2017 model) XR15 Ignite TV remote (2020 model)
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If you have the Ignite Large Button Voice Remote (XRA), please visit the Overview of the Large Button Voice Remote page.

Remote control features

Control your TV experience with your voice, and so much more. The Ignite TV remote comes with all of our Ignite TV boxes and includes these features:

  • Voice key and microphone - For program convenience
  • Backlit keypad - All keys, amber colour
  • Accelerometer - Keys are illuminated for 3 seconds when remote is picked up
  • Laser cut buttons - For durability and ease of use
  • Easy access key for accessibility features - Such as closed captioning and voice guidance
  • Aim anywhere – Control your TV box up to 50 feet away

Button functions

Here are some of the common button functions of the Ignite TV remote control:

Button Description

TV Power

(XR11 only)
When the remote is programmed with a valid TV code, the TV Power button turns the TV on or off.
Power/All Power

Turns on/off both the TV and TV cable box.

  • All Power will power on/off both the TV and audio device. (Providing that the remote is an Ignite TV remote that supports the Ignite cable box)

  • The Ignite TV cable box is designed to remain on at all times and will not turn off when this button is pushed.

Mute Turns sound off or on.


(XR11 only)
With PVR service, replay jumps back 15 seconds within a program.
  • Rewind Shaw On Demand or PVR content. 
  • Jump back 24 hours within the Guide screen. 
Fast Forward
  • Fast forward On Demand or PVR content.
  • Jump forward 24 hours within the Guide screen. 
Play or pause live TV, Shaw On Demand or PVR content.
 Exit Exit on-screen guides; stop and exit Shaw On Demand and PVR content. When replaying moments from a live TV program, press Exit to return to the "Live" point.
 Microphone Activates voice control for voice commands.
 Record Records the current program. Learn more about recording a current program on your Ignite TV guide.
 Guide Displays TV listings. When viewing the guide, press the Guide button to filter the guide by All Channels, Favorites, HD, Movies, Sports, Kids and Trending.
Shaw Displays the main menu of the guide, providing access to all guide features, including PVR and Shaw On Demand.
Page Up/Down
  • Jump several rows up or down in the guide and in other menu pages.
  • Skip 10 minutes forward or back while watching Shaw On Demand.
  • Skip 5 minutes forward or back while watching any live TV or PVR recording.
You may adjust the skip length from 10/5 minutes to 30 seconds, if you prefer. Visit the Ignite TV Tips and Tricks page to learn how.
Last Press Last when watching full-screen programming to see the last nine channels, PVR programs, or Shaw On Demand programs watched.
Info Displays detailed program information.


(XR11 only)
Used to pair a remote with the TV cable box or programs for control of the TV or AV receiver.
TV Input
Selects available inputs.
OK/Arrows Select a highlighted item within an on-screen menu.
  • The right arrow pulls up the Mini-Guide (learn more about navigating the Mini-Guide on your Ignite TV guide) to display what's on the current channel at that time. Press it again to preview up to 14 days ahead.
  • The down arrow accesses on-screen playback controls while watching any video.
Numeric Keypad Use the alphanumeric keypad to directly tune a channel (e.g., 104 or 532) or use the predictive search feature to search by keyword, such as channel name or actor (e.g., search for CTV by pressing 2-2-8).
Shortcut Keys Use the shortcut keys to quickly access helpful settings and apps.
  • A - Help menu
  • B - Open accessibility settings
  • C - Sports app (scores, teams, and other detailed info)
  • D - Delete selected recording, clear history

How to program your Ignite TV remote

Pairing your Ignite TV remote is simple! For details on how to program your Ignite TV remote please visit How to program your Ignite TV remote control.

For instructions on how to program the Ignite Large Button Voice Remote, please visit How to program your Large Button Voice Remote.

How to use the Web Remote

The Accessible Web Remote works as an alternative to your Ignite TV voice remote. You can use the Web Remote from anywhere by signing in at with your Shaw ID. This is a great option for those with accessibility considerations, or as an alternative if you're waiting for a replacement remote.



Learn more: How To: Use the Web Remote to control your TV

Device Compliance

This device complies with RSS-210 of the Industry Canada Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.

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