Learn how to set a series recording on your Classic Guide HDPVR. Shaw offers a selection of Digital Cable Boxes that can record live television so you can watch your favorite shows when it's most convenient to you. This guide applies to Personal Video Recorders (PVR) manufactured by Motorola and Pace.

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Video Tutorial: How to set a series recording with a Classic Guide PVR

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How to set a series recording

Your Shaw PVR can be set to automatically record a television show each time it airs. The Series Recording feature will ensure that your favourite shows will be recorded, even if you've forgotten to set up a manual recording. To configure a Series Recording:

  1. Locate the program that you would like to record (for this example we will use "Income Property", seen below)

    Classic Guide PVR Guide
  2. With the title highlighted in the guide, press the REC button on your Shaw Remote twice. This will display the Recording menu where you can select Set up a series recording (as shown below)

    Classic Guide PVR Set up a series recording
  3. This will take you to the Series Recording menu (seen below) which offers the following customizable options:

    Classic Guide PVR: Record series with these settings

    • Record: Here you can choose if you want your PVR to record all episodes that air or Only new episodes (this will exclude re-runs). Alternatively, you can record all episodes that air excluding duplicates by choosing New and Repeats. Lastly, you can set the Digital Box to record all instances, regardless of age or duplication, by choosing All with duplicates
    • Save: This setting allows you to choose how many episodes are automatically saved and protected from being overwritten (the default setting being All episodes). The alternative is to define how many episodes of this specific show you would like to save before the oldest episode is overwritten, you can use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons on your remote to change the option from 1 to 7 episodes.
    • Save Until: This option defines the automatic delete feature on the Digital Box. By default, the oldest recordings will be deleted to make room for new recordings, this setting is labelled as Space is needed (shown above). The alternate option is to choose the I delete setting which will require you to delete recordings of your choice when the recording space on the Digital Box is full.
      Classic Guide PVR recording settings
  4. You can unlock additional settings by choosing the View all settings option as shown in the above image. The additional settings you will see include:
    • Record programs on: Default setting is This channel only, but you can choose to have the PVR record all instances of the program on any channel to which you are subscribed by selecting the All channels option
    • Start/Stop recording: These are two options which serve the same purpose, allowing you to offset the start or end of a scheduled recording by up to 15 minutes. In the event you would like to record a show that often starts late or may run long, you can offset the start and end times of the recording using the LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons on your remote control
  5. When you are happy with the settings, you can complete the setup by selecting Record series with these settings, as highlighted above, by pressing the OK button on your remote. You will then be presented with this confirmation notice:

    Classic Guide PVR notification

Once a series recording has been scheduled, the program you have defined for recording will be marked with the red icon shown below:


Classic Guide PVR series recording icon

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How to cancel a scheduled recording

To cancel an upcoming Series Recording: 

  1. Locate the program scheduled for recording and press the REC button on your remote while it is highlighted. You will see the following window appear and notify you that a recording is already scheduled.
  2. Use the UP and DOWN arrow buttons to select Modify recording settings (seen below) and then press OK

    Shaw Classic Guide: Modify recording settings
  3. Here you will be able to change the settings for your recording and, as shown below, cancel the Series Recording altogether. To cancel your Series Recording, choose Don't record this series. When you return to the guide, you will find the title is no longer marked for recording

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Advanced PVR Management

To access the PVR menu on your Digital Cable Box, press the MENU button on your remote and then choose the PVR option from the Quick Menu which appears on screen.

Classic Guide PVR Advance Management


You will now be presented with the PVR menu which offers advanced controls over a number of features and settings


Classic Guide PVR Series Recordings Menu


  • My Recordings - View a list of the recordings currently stored on your PVR
  • Future Recordings - Offers a view of all upcoming recordings scheduled for the PVR
  • Set a Recording - The option allows you to set a recording based on time, much like you would with a VCR.
  • Series Recordings - Here you are shown a list of all active series recordings on the PVR. You can change the priority of a series recording (described below) or cancel a series recording entirely.
  • PVR Cleanup - Allows you the ability to delete multiple recordings at once
  • PVR History - This option shows you a view of the last 28 days worth of recordings that were not recorded due to being cancelled, deleted, or when there was a conflict with another active recording.This list can be quite helpful for understanding why a scheduled recording did not take place.
  • PVR Setup - Here you can adjust the default settings for the PVR.

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How to change recording priority

If you set a series recording and its projected recording schedule is in conflict with a previously created series recording, your PVR will display a conflict warning like the one shown below. You have to choose how you would like to handle the conflict by selecting one of the solutions presented at the bottom of the screen. The new recording shown below (M.A.S.H) is in conflict with a previous series recording for CSI: Miami.


You can choose to Record new series as shown above (accept the conflict and save the series recording, but this will result in M.A.S.H not being recorded when in conflict with CSI: Miami). Alternatively, you can choose to see any possible conflicts when the M.A.S.H series recording is given a High priority or you can choose to cancel the series request entirely.



Shaw Classic Guide PVR Recording Priorities



To be presented with the most complete view of your series recordings:

  1. Choose Record new series as shown above
  2. Go to your PVR Menu by pressing MENU on your remote and then selecting PVR from the Quick Menu
  3. From the PVR Menu, select Series Recordings
    Shaw Classic Guide PVR priority list
  4. Here, you are presented with a listing of all active series recordings organized by priority (where slot 1 is given priority over slot 2, and so on). Using the Up or Down arrow buttons on your remote you can highlight any entry in the list and change its priority by moving it up or down in the list with the Page [+] or [-] buttons on your remote.
  5. Once you have the list set to reflect your preferred recording priority, highlight the confirm button (highlighted above) and press OK to confirm the new priority list.

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