Digital Box and TelevisionSelf connect guide for activating your Digital Cable Box

Learn how to connect and activate your Shaw Digital Cable Box whether you purchased your cable box either directly from Shaw or from an authorized retailer.  If you've recently purchased a Digital Box either directly from Shaw or from an authorized retailer, you can activate your Digital Box online by visiting


If you have purchased a Gateway/Portal system you will need to contact a Shaw representative to arrange an install, as this product cannot be activated online (click here for contact information).


Before completing the activation, please have the following items ready:

  • Serial Number: Found on the rear of your Digital Box labeled as Host SN or printed below a bar code
  • Account Number: Found at the top your monthly Shaw bill


How to Self-Install a Digital Box

Activate Self-Install TV Equipment

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If you have purchased a box which uses the new HD Guide (including some DCX3200s and the DCX3510), you will need to connect it in a slightly different way.


Learn More: HD Guide - Connecting and Activating Your Digital Box

How to Self-Install a Digital Box

Installing your new digital cable box is easy with the following steps.


  1. Gather all of your items
    Equipment included in the box
  2. Make sure you note down the Serial Number (SN) for the digital box
    Digital Box Serial Number
  3. Connect the Coax cable from the Wall Outlet to the Cable IN on the back of the digital box

    Coax from Wall to Digital Box
  4. Connect the HDMI cable from the HDMI OUT on the digital box to the HDMI IN on the Television set

    HDMI from Digital Box to Television
  5. Connect the Power cable
    Power from Wall to Digital Box
  6. Power the Digital Box on
  7. Power the Television Set on
  8. Set your Television to the correct HDMI input
  9. Log into My Shaw to continue device activation

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Activate Self-Install TV Equipment

Self-Install allows you to quickly and easily set up and activate new Shaw TV equipment. Once your Digital Box is setup, it will need to be activated so your channel package and PPV/On Demand will work.


  1. Log into My Shaw
  2. Click TV on the sidebar
  3. Click Self-Install TV Equipment
  4. Click Get started
  5. Check to make sure you have the following and click Continue to Step 2
    • Coax cable
    • Power cord
    • HDMI cable
    • Remote Control
    • Digital Box
  6. Enter your Serial Number and click Continue to Step 3
  7. Follow the How to Self-Install a Digital Box instructions and Continue to Step 4
  8. Confirm how you received your Shaw TV equipment
  9. Click Activate
    Equipment is activating

  10. Give your digital box a few minutes to update the software before enjoying your new Digital Box

Your Digital Channels may say To Be Announced for up to 15 minutes while the guide information is downloaded.    


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