This article includes an overview of the key features and hardware specifications of the Ignite Entertainment Box (formerly known as Shaw 4K Wireless TV Player). Our wireless Entertainment Box offers a sleek design and exciting features like 4K, WiFi connectivity, and Cloud PVR storage. It works with the Ignite WiFi Gateway modem (formerly known as Fibre+ Gateway modem) to connect over WiFi, fitting in any room without the need for a cable outlet.

Note: We provide two models of the Ignite Entertainment Box: XiOne and Xi6. Both include the same features and work the same way. The model included with your Ignite TV (formerly known as BlueCurve TV) service depends only on available hardware inventory and is not optional.


Key features of the Ignite Entertainment Box include:

  • Voice Remote
    The Ignite TV Voice Remote is included.
  • Wireless Connectivity
    Watch TV anywhere in your home.
  • Cloud PVR
    Record content to the cloud and watch it anywhere, anytime with Ignite TV. Up to six simultaneous recordings are supported.
  • 4K (Ultra HD) 
    Enjoy content in crisp 4K (UHD) where available.
  • HDR
    High Dynamic Range (HDR10) is supported where available.
  • Bluetooth
    Connect Bluetooth enabled audio devices including sound bars and other home theatre equipment. Visit How to use Bluetooth on Ignite TV for more information.
  • Aim Anywhere
    Device can be completely hidden from sight and remote commands will still register from up to 50 feet away.
  • Up to 10 TVs with Ignite Entertainment Boxes per account

XiOne hardware summary

Features of the XiOne hardware include:


1 Power Light (LED)
2 Ethernet
3 HDMI Out to TV
4 Power (DC)
5 WPS Button

Xi6 hardware summary

Features of the Xi6 hardware include:


1 Power Light (LED)
2 Ethernet
3 HDMI In (Disabled)
4 HDMI Out to TV
5 Power (USB-C)
6 WPS Button

Hardware comparison 

See the chart below for a detailed comparison of each Ignite Entertainment Box model, including connection types and hardware specifications.

Feature XiOne Xi6
HDMI Out Yes Yes
HDMI In No Yes (Disabled)
HD Compatible Yes, 1080p Yes, 1080p
4K Compatible Yes, 2160p Yes, 2160p
HDR Compatible Yes Yes
WiFi Yes Yes
Ethernet Yes Yes
Bluetooth Audio Yes Yes
Tuners [1] N/A N/A
Power DC Power USB-C
Manufacturer Broadcomm or WNC Arris
Model XiOne Xi6
Width 11 cm / 4.4 in 13 cm / 5.41 in
Depth 11 cm / 4.4 in 13 cm / 5.41 in
Height 2.2 cm / 0.9 in 2.3 cm / 0.91 in
[1] Up to six (6) simultaneous recordings and ten (10) streams are supported. Local tuners are not present.

Light sequence

The Ignite Entertainment Box has a single light on the front to show its status.

  • No light
    Device off / power save mode
  • Slow blink
    Booting up
  • Solid on
    Device on and functional
  • Fast blink

    An error has occurred

Manufacturer documentation

Click below to download the XiOne equipment Safety Sheet:

Click below for the Xi6 Safety Sheet for the manufacturer of your modem:


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