The Arris Gateway TV box and Portal system provides you with the ability to view and record six HD channels at once, while watching up to five previously recorded shows, using the Gateway’s on-board tuners. A Portal is required for each TV you want to use to access these features.

Arris Gateway TV Box

The Gateway TV box acts as the brain for each Portal connected to it through an internal home network. It communicates using a standard called MoCA that allows for increased speed of navigation between the devices. The Gateway TV box can serve up to 6 Portals in the home.

For example, if you have three TVs in the home and would like access to the Shaw Gateway system on every TV, you would need three Portals (one connected to each TV), plus one Gateway that serves all three Portals. Reference the specifications below for more Gateway details. For more details about Portals, scroll down.

Arris Gateway




HD Yes
Hard Drive Capacity 500 GB
Recording Hours SD/HD ~ 300/60
Tuners 6
Video Output N/A (See Portal section)
Audio Output n/a
eSATA Port (for Expander) Yes, up to 6 TB eSATA (DVR-certified) external HDD compatible
AV Format n/a
3D Capable n/a
Dimensions (W x D x H) 43.2cm (17.0in) x 26.7cm (10.5in) x 7.6cm (3.0in)
Serial Number Prefix B
Documentation Shaw Gateway Experience Full User Guide
Wiring Diagrams n/a

Arris Portal

The Portal accesses content from the Arris Gateway TV box system or Gateway HDPVR. With the Arris Gateway TV box (shown above), a Portal is required for each TV in the home that you want to access the system on. The Gateway HDPVR may be used as a standalone unit for a single TV, or you can add up to five more Portals to access the system on multiple TVs.

With the Portal connected to your TV, you can view HD channels and full HD-quality, 1080p Video On Demand content made available to you through your Shaw Gateway system. In addition to this, you can record up to six programs simultaneously, while playing back a previously recorded program, and viewing 3D* content in MPEG4 format at up to 1080p resolution.

To view content in HD: Connect an HDMI cable between your TV and Portal for HD picture and audio (HDMI carries both picture and audio). Alternatively, you can connect a component (red, green, blue) cable for video, and an RCA (red, white) cable for audio.

If you do not have an HD-capable TV: Connect an RCA/composite (red, white, yellow) cable between your TV and Portal. You will be able to view and access HD channels, but the picture will be displayed in standard definition.

Arris Portal





HD Yes
Hard Drive Capacity n/a, Portal accesses the Gateway Hard Drive for content
Tuners n/a
Video Output Composite, Component, HDMI
Audio Output RCA, Coaxial and Optical SPDIF
Dolby 5.1 Yes
eSATA Port (for Expander) No
AV Format MPEG4
3D Capable

Yes, supports 3D* content in:

  • MPEG2 format up to 1080i resolution
  • MPEG4 format up to 1080p resolution
Dimensions (W x D x H) 25.0cm (9.8in) x 18.2cm (7.2in) x 4.5cm (1.8in)
Serial Number Prefix B
IR Tether No - Port is an IR Blaster (output, not input)
Wiring Diagrams See below

*To view 3D content, you will need a 3D-capable HD TV.

Wiring diagrams

These wiring diagrams will assist you in connecting your Gateway TV box equipment.









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