Learn about the features and tech specs of Shaw's Gateway HDPVR. The Gateway HDPVR can function as a standalone unit for a single TV, or as a whole home PVR system with the addition of up to five more Gateway Portals.

Gateway HDPVR

Here are the technical specifications for the Gateway HDPVR.



HD Yes
Hard Drive Capacity 500GB
Recording Hours (SD/HD) ~ 300/60
Tuners 6
Video Output HDMI
Audio Output HDMI, RCA, Optical
eSATA Port (for Expander) Yes, up to 6TB eSATA (DVR-certified) external HDD compatible
AV Format MPEG4
3D Capable Yes
Dimensions (W x D x H) 35.0cm (13.8in), 20.5cm (8.1in), 6.0cm (2.4in)
Serial Number Prefix M
Documentation User Manual
Wiring Diagrams n/a

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