This article will guide you through the features and tech specs of the Motorola DCX3200-M high definition TV box. The Motorola DCX3200-M is a high-definition TV box capable of viewing HD channels and accessing Video On Demand. The Motorola DCX3200-M also supports 3D content in MPEG2 and MPEG4 formats.

Motorola DCX3200-M

The Motorola DCX3200 is a high-definition TV box capable of viewing HD channels, and capable of viewing 3D* content in MPEG4 format up to 1080p resolution.

To view content in HD: Connect an HDMI cable between your TV and TV box for HD picture and audio (HDMI carries both picture and audio). Alternatively, you can connect a component (red, green, blue) cable for video, and an RCA (red, white) cable for audio.

If you don’t have an HD TV: You can use an RCA/Composite or S-Video (S-Video not available with the Motorola P3 Digital Box) cable to connect this TV box to a standard definition TV. See the wiring diagrams below for a visual explanation of the setup options.

Motorola DCX3200-M
Motorola DCX3200-M Digital Box - front
Motorola DCX3200-M Digital Box - back
HD Yes
Tuners 1
Video Output

Composite, Component, S-Video (Not available with P3 model) HDMI

Audio Output RCA, Optical SPDIF
Dolby 5.1 Yes
eSATA Port (for Expander) No
AV Format MPEG4
3D Capable Yes, supports 3D content in:
  • MPEG2 format up to 1080i resolution
  • MPEG4 format up to 1080p resolution
Dimensions (W x D x H) 33.0 cm (13.0in) x 38.0cm (15.0in) x 7.0cm (2.5in)
Serial Number Prefix M; printed next to "Host SN" on the white sticker
found on the rear of your Digital Box
IR Tether Yes
Documentation DCX3200 User Guide
Wiring Diagrams Click on images below for an expanded view

Wiring Diagrams

These wiring diagrams will assist you in connecting your Motorola DCX3200-M TV box.










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