Learn more about MPEG4 channels and Digital Boxes. As we continue to bring you the best television programming on Canada's most robust network, new technologies are required to stay on the cutting edge. Many recent television stations, such as FX Canada HD, are launching in a broadcast format using MPEG4 encoding.

About cable technology

As MPEG4 is a relatively new standard, it is not compatible with all models of Digital Cable Boxes provided by Shaw. If you are using an MPEG2 compatible box and attempt to access an MPEG4 channel, you may be able to hear the audio but the screen will be black.

Much like computers and smartphones, cable system technology will be periodically improved so that you can receive the best viewing experience possible. Previous changes include the transition from analog to digital, as well as standard definition to high-definition picture. Below you will find a full timeline list of how cable technology has changed in recent years.

  1. NTSC
  2. Analog Cable
  3. Analog Cable with converter
  4. Digital Cable (SD)
  5. Digital Cable (SD/HD)
  6. High Definition (MPEG 2/MPEG 4)
  7. Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K/8K

MPEG4 compatible digital boxes

Here is a list of MPEG4 compatible Digital Boxes. Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve) is our latest cable box offering.

Motorola DCX3200 P2 Pace Aspen (TDC776D)
Motorola DCX3200 P3 Shaw Gateway Portals
Motorola DCX3510-M Pace Summit (DC758D)
Motorola DCX3400 Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve)