Join in the spirit of the season with Holiday Countdown–an app available on your Ignite Entertainment Box (formerly known as 4K Wireless TV Player) that makes it even easier to find family-friendly holiday movies and discover fun holiday-themed activities.

What’s included in the Holiday Countdown app?


Here are the features you can enjoy in the app:

  • Countdown clock to Christmas.
  • Reward Zone: daily awards you can collect from Dec 1 until Dec 24.
  • Movies: access to popular holiday titles On Demand that you can rent and watch.
  • Games: 6 fun holiday-themed games you can play using your remote.
  • Songs and Stories: read-along children’s books and sing-along holiday carols.
  • Radio: enjoy holiday music stations.
  • “Where’s Santa” tracker: on Christmas Eve, get updates on Santa’s location around the world, counting down to your city. You can rewatch his journey if you can’t stay up!
  • Naughty or Nice quizzes: answer Yes or No questions and see how you rank in niceness against the rest of your household.
  • Fun for the whole family!

Do I have to download the app, and does it cost anything?

No, the app will automatically become available on your Ignite Entertainment Box. It’s free to use, although if you choose to rent Video On Demand content you’ll be charged the rental fee on your next monthly bill. Some suggested movies may only be watchable if you have a subscription to other streaming apps like Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime.

How do I find the app on Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming?

You can find it in the Apps menu, or say “Holiday Countdown” or “Ho ho ho” into your Voice Remote.

You can also try saying:

  • Where's Santa?
  • Christmas Fun
  • Christmas Games
  • Countdown to Christmas
  • Christmas Countdown

Is the app available in languages other than English?

The app is currently available in English and French. The French version is called “Village du père Noël.”

Can I access Holiday Countdown on the Ignite TV app or on my computer?

No, Holiday Countdown is only available on your Ignite Entertainment Box.

Will I have access to the app year-round?

No, the app will automatically be removed January 4th.

I’m having problems with the app–how do I fix it?

To fix most common issues with the app, restart your Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming box.

For any further issues, contact us and we’ll help you out.

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