This article will help you connect your Gateway HDPVR (XG1-A) to a single TV.  If you need more than one TV connected, a professional installation will be required.

If you need help, contact us at, using the My Shaw app, or by calling 1-844-574-7429.  If assistance over chat or phone doesn't work, a technician will visit your home. 

What you’ll need

A remote, HDMI cable, power cord, and coax cable are included with your Gateway HDPVR. If something is missing from your kit, let us know.

Along with your Gateway HDPVR and remote, you will need the following to complete your Self Connect.

Power cord.png
Coax cable.png

Set up your HDPVR

  1. Place your HDPVR in a well-ventilated location.
  2. Attach a coax cable from the coax wall outlet to the CABLE IN port on your HDPVR.
  3. Attach an HDMI cable from the HDPVR’s HDMI Out to TV port, to one of your TV’s open HDMI IN ports. Note the HDMI port’s name.
  4. Attach the power supply to the back of your HDPVR and plug it into an electrical outlet. The device will power on automatically.

Next, you'll need to activate your HDPVR. Scroll down for those instructions.

Activate your HDPVR

  1. Turn on the TV and set it to display the HDMI source you attached your HDPVR to in Step 3 above.
  2. Wait to see “To set up this Shaw Gateway...” display on your TV, before continuing.
  3. Sign in to using your Shaw ID username and password.  If you do not have one, learn how to create a new Shaw ID here.
  4. Click TV in the left menu.
  5. Under TV Equipment, click Self-Install TV Equipment.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    gateway activation.png

During the activation process, your HDPVR will reset. When you see the correct time displayed and the blue power icon is lit on the front of your HDPVR, the activation process is complete.

Frequently asked questions

How do I program my Shaw Universal Remote for my TV?
To program your Shaw Universal Remote to work with your TV, follow the Quick Setup instructions on the back of the remote, or visit the manufacturer's website at

How can I wire my modem and HDPVR to the same coax outlet?
If you have two devices that need to share the coax outlet, you’ll need a 2-way splitter and 3 coax cables. Attach one cable to the wall outlet and splitter port labelled IN. Attach each of the other two cables to an OUT splitter port, and then to your HDPVR and modem.

BGM splitter diagram 3.png

Why doesn’t the power button on my remote turn my Gateway HDPVR on or off? The power button on your remote only controls the TV. Your Gateway HDPVR is always on, but will go into sleep mode when it isn't being used.

What should I do with my old TV player?
Please return your old TV player as soon as possible to avoid unreturned equipment charges.

  1. Place the old TV player and power cord into a sturdy cardboard box. Ensure there is cushioning material around the TV player.
  2. Seal the box and affix the shipping label provided.
  3. Drop the box off at any Canada Post mailbox or outlet.

Hold on to the Canada Post tracking number from the shipping label or receipt, for future reference. The old TV box will be properly recycled.

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