This article will help you set up and activate your wireless and 4K-compatible BlueCurve TV Player (Xi6). If you have theXG1v3 and XG1v4 model, click here.

If you need help, contact us at, using the My Shaw app, or by calling 1-844-574-7429.  If assistance over chat or phone doesn't work, a technician will visit your home.

Before you start

You will need to have an active internet connection before you Self Connect your BlueCurve TV Player. Make sure your BlueCurve Gateway is installed, online and your WiFi is working.

What you'll need

A remote, power cord, and HDMI cable are included with your TV player. If something is missing from your kit, let us know. An ethernet cable is not included, but can be requested.

Along with your wireless 4K TV player, you will need the following to complete your Self Connect.

Power cord.png
Ethernet optional.png

Set up your TV Player

Please remove all plastic wrapping from your BlueCurve TV Player prior to installation.

  1. Place your TV Player in a visible, well-ventilated area near your TV.
  2. Attach the power supply to the back of your BlueCurve TV Player but do not plug it into an outlet yet.
  3. Turn on your TV.
  4. Attach an HDMI cable from your TV Player’s HDMI TV port, to one of your TV’s open HDMI IN ports. Note the TV port’s name.
  5. Remove the plastic pull-tab from the back of your BlueCurve TV remote.

Next, you'll need to activate your TV Player. Scroll down for those instructions.

Activate your TV Player

  1. Plug your TV player's power supply to an electrical outlet.
    • Connect your TV Player close to your TV.
    • Make sure it's off the ground and in the open to allow for air-flow.
    • Check that you're within range of your WiFi.
    • If you're wanting to place your TV Player out of sight, you can do so after activating.
  2. Login to My Shaw either on the app or the website at
  3. Follow the prompts that you will receive in My Shaw to activate your TV.
  4. When prompted by your TV, select your preferred language.
  5. When your TV displays “Setup complete”, press the OK button on your BlueCurve remote to name your TV Player and follow the remaining on screen steps.
  6. Within a few moments, you should see live programming.

Frequently asked questions

How can I get the Wireless 4K BlueCurve TV Player?

This model is currently only available to select customers in Vancouver, Victoria, the Okanagan, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, and surrounding areas.

Where should I place my Wireless BlueCurve TV Player?

Place your player in a visible, well-ventilated area in a central location in your home, near an electrical outlet. If you think your wireless signal is weak, move your TV Player closer to your Internet modem.

What if I need a stronger WiFi signal?

Make sure your BlueCurve Gateway is located in a central spot in your home to get the best possible WiFi coverage. You can also try moving your BlueCurve TV Player closer to your BlueCurve Gateway for a better signal.

How do I use my BlueCurve TV voice-powered remote?

Press and hold the microphone button. When the word Listening appears onscreen, talk into your BlueCurve TV remote. Release the microphone button to submit your voice command.

How can I access my Netflix, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video accounts?

Press and hold the microphone button on your BlueCurve TV remote. Say either "Netflix", "YouTube" or "Prime Video" to open the app. You may need to follow on-screen instructions to sign into those services.

How do I return my old equipment?

Please return your old equipment as soon as possible to avoid unreturned equipment charges.

  1. Place the equipment and power cord into a sturdy cardboard box. Ensure there is cushioning material around the TV player.
  2. Seal the box and affix the shipping label provided.
  3. Drop the box off at any Canada Post mailbox or outlet.

Hold on to the Canada Post tracking number from the shipping label or receipt, for future reference. The equipment will be properly recycled.

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