With the BlueCurve TV App and website, you can delete BlueCurve TV PVR recordings on your mobile device or computer. This article shows you how to so. This feature is available only in areas where Cloud PVR is enabled. 

How to delete PVR recordings with the BlueCurve TV App

Follow these steps in order to delete a recording using the BlueCurve TV app

  1. Open the BlueCurve TV App while connected to any WiFi or mobile network.
  2. Click the Menu button or swipe from left to right to open the main navigation panel.
  3. Select Recordings under Saved to view a list of your PVR recordings. 188254_frtv-saved-recordings


  4. In the recording list, select the recording you want to delete and then choose Record Options188255_frtv-rec-options


  5. Select Delete Recording to delete it. 188256_fr-tv-delete-rec


  6. If you're using the BlueCurve TV Appsite from a computer, you may quickly delete a recording by clicking the minus sign next to it.




Frequently Asked Questions about deleting recordings from your BlueCurve TV cable box.

How long can deleted recordings be recovered?

Deleted Recordings are stored and may be recovered for 30 days. They may be permanently deleted earlier than 30 days by deleting them from the Recently Deleted folder in the Recording section of the Saved menu. Deleted recordings may be permanently deleted if the PVR requires space for a new recording.

Can I recover deleted recordings from the BlueCurve TV App?

No, the feature to restore recordings form BlueCurve TV is not enabled. You may see a "Recover" option, but it will not work at this time. Clicking "Recover" will display an error message saying "This feature is no longer available".

However, recordings that you have chosen to delete via your BlueCurve TV set-top box will be permanently deleted 24 hours after the deletion command, providing a safeguard against accidental deletion. See How to recover deleted PVR recordings on BlueCurve TV to learn more.


How do I tell how much space is left on my PVRs?
You will see a disk full percentage on all of your BlueCurve TV Players. The disk full percentage is the combined usage of all of the PVRs in your home and will be shown on all your TV boxes.

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