Learn how to recover a deleted recording on BlueCurve TV. You can recover a deleted recording from your PVR for up to 30 days. A deleted program resides in the Recently Deleted area at the bottom of the Recording section of the Saved menu in the BlueCurve TV guide. From here, you can recover a deleted recording.


Deleted Recordings are stored and may be recovered for 30 days. They may be permanently deleted earlier than 30 days by deleting them from the Recently Deleted folder in the Recording section of the Saved menu. Deleted recordings may be permanently deleted if the PVR requires space for a new recording.


How to recover a deleted recording from your BlueCurve TV Player (XG1v3)

In order to recover a deleted recording:


  1. Press the Shaw button on the remote control
  2. Select Saved on the Main Menu
  3. Use the right arrow button to highlight Recordings then arrow down to Recently Deleted.

    BlueCurve TV Recordings
    Remember you can find PVR recordings simply by saying "Recordings" into your Voice Remote.

  4. Use the arrow buttons to select the deleted program to recover and press OK.

    BlueCurve Recently Deleted
  5. Select Recover and press OK to restore the program.

    BlueCurve Recover Deleted Recording


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