BritBox is a video streaming service that gives you access to watch the largest collection of British mysteries, dramas, comedies, lifestyle and documentaries all in one place. Learn how to open and sign in to the BritBox app on Ignite TV (formerly known as BlueCurve TV) or Ignite Streaming (formerly Shaw Stream) to start watching your British favourites from BBC and ITV.

Note: A Shaw or Rogers internet plan is required to use apps on Ignite TV or Ignite Streaming.

Features and benefits

  • A collection of classic and modern content from British creators, including TV shows, films and documentaries.
  • Includes BritBox Originals series such as Vera, Line of Duty, Death in Paradise and classic Doctor Who.
  • New originals and premieres added weekly.
  • 7-day free trial available
  • Parental control lock available within the app, settings managed via web browser.
  • All content in HD.
  • Ad-free, subscription required.

How do I access the BritBox app?

The easiest way to access BritBox is by saying “BritBox” into your voice remote to launch the app.

If you already have a BritBox account, you can sign in using your TV or by entering a code on the BritBox website.

How to create a BritBox account

If you want to create a BritBox account:

  1. Go to and select the Sign Up link.
  2. Enter your email address and select Continue.
  3. Enter your name and a password and select Create Account.
  4. Choose your plan and select Continue with Monthly/Yearly Plan.
  5. Enter your payment details and select Start Subscription.

You can now sign in to this account using the Connect Your TV button, by entering your email and password into the BritBox app, or by entering a code at

Using voice commands with BritBox

You can use voice commands like these to control your BritBox app from your voice remote:

  • Open BritBox.
  • Continue playing BritBox.
  • Restart BritBox.


For help with troubleshooting Ignite TV and Ignite Streaming apps, visit Troubleshooting: Streaming apps on Ignite TV and Ignite Streaming. For any challenges with BritBox features or content, please contact BritBox.