Learn how to use the YouTube app with BlueCurve TV to access YouTube content directly from your set-top box. Launch the YouTube app from BlueCurve TV, or find YouTube content with a voice search. Sign in to YouTube using your Google account to access your subscriptions, playlists and more!

Note: A Shaw Internet subscription is required to use apps on BlueCurve TV.

How to access YouTube on BlueCurve TV

The YouTube app and content is visible to all BlueCurve TV customers. To access and watch YouTube on BlueCurve TV, it is required to have: 169268_bstvyoutubelogo

  • Shaw Internet Service
    • Shaw Internet service is required because YouTube content is streamed to BlueCurve TV over the Internet, and YouTube usage will count toward your monthly Internet usage.

How to access YouTube on BlueCurve TV

You can access the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV by voice command, via the Apps menu, or by searching for YouTube content on BlueCurve TV.

  • With the BlueCurve TV voice remote, say any of the following:
    • "YouTube"
    • "Open YouTube"
    • "Launch YouTube"
    • "YouTube app"

Did you know: You can search for YouTube content with your voice remote from the BlueCurve TV menu, or while using the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV.

  • From the BlueCurve TV Apps menu:
    1. Open the BlueCurve TV Apps menu via Shaw button on your remote, or the "Apps" voice command
    2. Select YouTube to open the YouTube app



How to find YouTube content

You can easily find YouTube content by voice search from BlueCurve TV, or by opening the YouTube app and browsing the included categories. There is also a keyword search available in the YouTube app.

BlueCurve TV voice search

  1. Use your BlueCurve TV voice remote to search for YouTube content. Just include "on YouTube" at the end of your search query.
  2. For example, say "Cat videos on YouTube", or "Makeup tutorials on YouTube"
  3. BlueCurve TV will return relevant YouTube search results.
  4. Pick a YouTube video from your search to automatically launch the YouTube app and play the video



Browse content categories in YouTube

  1. Open the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV
  2. Use the right and left arrows to navigate the included categories (Recommended, Latest, Music, Comedy, Entertainment, etc...)
  3. Use the up and down arrows to pick a video to watch



Keyword search from the YouTube app

  1. Open the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV
  2. Select Search from the menu on the left
  3. Enter a keyword to search for using your BlueCurve TV remote



How to sign into your YouTube account

You may sign in to your existing YouTube account to see your YouTube subscriptions, playlists and more on BlueCurve TV.

Note: A second device (i.e. phone or computer) is required to sign in initially. After you've signed in once, a second device is no longer required.

  1. Open the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV.
  2. Select Sign in from the menu on the left. 169288_pastedImage_4


  3. Follow the on-screen steps outlined by YouTube. 169289_pastedImage_5


  4. You're now signed in to YouTube! Your account name and navigation options are available in the side menu. 169290_pastedImage_9


    • To add more than one account, select the name at the top of the side menu, select “Add Account” and repeat the sign in process.
    • To switch between accounts or to sign out, select the name at the top of the side menu, then select the desired account or “Use YouTube signed out”.

Unsupported features

Note that rentals and purchases of YouTube content such as movies and TV shows are unsupported in the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV:

How to subscribe to YouTube channels

With BlueCurve TV, you can subscribe to your favourite YouTube channels from the YouTube app, or while watching a YouTube video.

  1. Subscribe within the channel’s home page via the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV. 169291_pastedImage_1


  2. Subscribe while watching a YouTube video on BlueCurve TV. 169292_pastedImage_4


  3. Access all of your subscriptions from the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV.





Parental Controls and YouTube Kids app

Access to the YouTube app can be restricted using the Applications Locks setting in BlueCurve TV Parental Controls. Parents can further restrict access to YouTube content within the YouTube app itself. For instructions on how to use parental controls for YouTube on BlueCurve TV, see Using parental controls for YouTube on BlueCurve TV. In addition to using parental controls for the base YouTube app, there is also a separate, child-friendly version of the app called YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids App

YouTube Kids is a child-friendly version of the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV. This version provides curated content lists and easy access to parental controls, ensuring a safe viewing experience for parents and children using the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV. Voice commands may be used to launch the YouTube Kids app, but are disabled while using the app itself. For more information on YouTube Kids, see Using YouTube Kids on BlueCurve TV.

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YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium is a paid service available from YouTube and is now available in Canada. This optional service offers a few extra features and benefits such as no ads, YouTube Music and YouTube Originals. Anyone can subscribe to Premium--once you're subscribed and signed in to your YouTube account, Premium features are available in the YouTube app on any device, including BlueCurve TV!



What features come with YouTube Premium, and what does it cost?

  • YouTube Premium includes:
    • Ad-free and offline
      Enjoy YouTube ad-free, offline and in the background.
    • YouTube Music Premium
      A new music streaming service from YouTube. Explore a complete world of music without interruptions.
    • YouTube Originals
      Watch new original series & movies from your favorite stars.
  • YouTube Premium costs $11.99/mo directly from YouTube
  • Shaw does not handle billing or support any account-related services for YouTube or YouTube Premium
  • Visit YouTube Premium - YouTube for more information

How do I subscribe to YouTube Premium?

  • You may subscribe directly through YouTube at their website - YouTube Premium - YouTube 
  • This has to be done from a computer or mobile device
  • You cannot sign up for YouTube Premium via BlueCurve TV

Does Shaw provide support or handle billing for YouTube Premium?

  • No. YouTube Premium subscriptions and billing are handled exclusively through YouTube.
  • Visit YouTube Premium - YouTube for more information

Support & Troubleshooting

Use the resources below for fixing common problems with YouTube on BlueCurve TV, getting support with your YouTube account, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions


Parental Controls




Unsupported features

  • Note that rentals and purchases of YouTube content such as movies and TV shows are unsupported in the YouTube app on BlueCurve TV:


YouTube Support

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