Learn how to view content and episode history for Netflix programs viewed on BlueCurve TV. Enjoy your favourite Netflix content through your BlueCurve TV cable box.

View content and episode history for Netflix

Only Netflix titles launched from the BlueCurve TV interface will show up in BlueCurve TV history (ie Last Watched). All titles watched thereafter within the Netflix app will not show up in BlueCurve TV history.


For example, if we voice search for Stranger Things on BlueCurve TV and launch episode 1 from there, it will appear under Last Watched on BlueCurve TV. If we then watch episode 2 from within the Netflix app (without going back to BlueCurve TV), it will not show up under Last Watched.

There are a couple ways to work around this and keep track of our Netflix viewing history on BlueCurve TV:

  1. In the Netflix app
    • The Netflix app itself keeps track of all content watched within the app.
  2. Mark as Watched
    • Episodes of a series may be marked as Watched manually from the BlueCurve TV interface.
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