New to Shaw? Or just looking for an updated list of your subscribed channels? Learn how to access your Shaw channel listings with these tips. There are three ways you can view your current Shaw TV channel lineup:



Did You Know


If you have not yet registered for My Shaw, you can find more information on how to set up your account at: My Shaw Registration.



My Shaw App

One of the easiest ways to access and view your personal channel listings is using the My Shaw app. To do so, you will be required to:

  1. Have a My Shaw account
  2. Download the My Shaw app


Downloading the My Shaw app


Download the My Shaw app on the Apple App Store.


Apple App Store Logo


Download the My Shaw app on Google Play


Google Play logo


How to view your channel listings using the My Shaw app

  1. Open the My Shaw app on your mobile device
  2. Under the TV section select Manage TV & BlueCurve TV
  3. Under TV Settings select My Channel List 

    My Shaw App > TV Settings > My Channels List
  4. You will see the listings of your subscribed channels.

    My Shaw App > My Channels > Region Specific

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My Shaw

Once you have registered or logged into My Shaw, you can view your subscribed channel listings.


View My channels list

  1. Once you have signed in to My Shaw, click My Services then choose TV on the navigation bar at the top
  2. In the My channels section, click on View channels.

    View Channels
  3. Your channels will appear in a My channels pop-up window.
  4. View your base channels under Current TV channels, and add-ons (subscriptions) under Add-on channels. Click the Print button on the right to print out a copy.

    My Channels List

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Channels Listings page

You can see the channel lineup available in your area by visiting Shaw's Channel listings page.


  1. Visit the Channel Listings page
  2. Enter your postal code in the field  seen here:

    Search Channels by Postal Code
  3. Click Search
  4. You will see the Shaw channel listings for your region. 

    List of Shaw Channel listings

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