With Shaw BlueCurve TV, you can watch live sports in 4K and stream 4K content from your favourite apps. This article covers how to access and record 4K content from your BlueCurve TV Player. For an overview of 4K service including requirements and available channels, visit About: 4K TV service.

Note: The BlueCurve TV mobile or web app does not support playback of 4K content (live or recorded) at this time.

Video resolution settings

To ensure you're seeing content in 4K, when available, check that the Video Output Resolution is set to 4K UHD (Best Available) in the settings on BlueCurve TV. This setting is found by navigating to Settings > Video Display with your BlueCurve TV remote.



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Finding and tuning to 4K channels

At any time, you can tune directly to a 4K channel by simply entering the channel number from the keypad on your BlueCurve TV remote. 4K channels appear in the BlueCurve TV Guide with channel logos and information showing that they're 4K/UHD.


You can find 4K channels in the HD Channels and Free To Me Guide Views, or by searching via Smart Search or voice command.


If you're on a HD channel and there's a 4K feed available for the program you're watching, BlueCurve TV will notify you with a prompt to tune to the 4K channel:

  • “Good news! This program is available in pixel-perfect 4K Ultra HD.”
  • To turn these notifications off, go to Settings > Preferences > General and toggle Prefer Best Available Resolution.


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4K PVR recordings

Recording 4K content is the same as recording other content. Make sure that UHD preferred is selected when setting up a team recording. 4K recordings will be tagged as 4K UHD.

4K recordings can be scheduled on any BlueCurve TV Player, but can only be played back on a 4K-capable BlueCurve TV player and will not be available from the BlueCurve TV app.


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4K streaming apps

You can stream 4K content via BlueCurve TV set-top box apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video.


Availability of 4K content depends on the app and may require an additional subscription from that streaming service provider. A minimum 25 Mbps Internet connection is required for streaming 4K content.

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If you get an error message when trying to view 4K content on BlueCurve TV, the most likely reasons are:

  • Your BlueCurve TV Player and/or TV are not 4K compatible
  • Video resolution for your BlueCurve TV Player is not set to 4K

Follow these steps to ensure your setup meets the requirements to watch in 4K:

  1. Review the requirements of 4K to check that you have the right equipment or subscription.
  2. Make sure the video resolution setting on your BlueCurve TV Player is set to output at 4K.

Note: 4K channels only show content when there's a live event being broadcast in 4K. Follow the Finding and tuning to 4K channels section above to learn how to identify when a broadcast is in 4K.

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