With the BlueCurve TV App and website, you can watch completed BlueCurve TV PVR recordings on your mobile device or computer through any WiFi or mobile network.


This feature is available only in areas where Cloud PVR is enabled. Click here for a list of areas.

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How to watch PVR recordings with the BlueCurve TV App
  1. Open the BlueCurve TV App while connected to any WiFi or mobile network
  2. Click the Menu button or swipe from left to right to open the main navigation panel.
  3. Select Recordings under Saved to view a list of your PVR recordings.

    Recordings Menu


  4. In the recording list, select the recording you want to watch and then choose Watch.

    Watch Button


  5. Enjoy watching your content on BlueCurve TV!


Be sure your recording is finished before watching

Recordings can only be watched with the BlueCurve TV App once they have completed. If you get a message saying a title is "Available to watch in home only" or that you must be connected to your home WiFi, this means that the title hasn't yet finished recording.

If you see the messages below, please wait for the title the finish recording, then try to watch it again with BlueCurve TV.

Example of a recording in progress: Example error message:
In Progress Recording In Progress Recording Error Message


NHL Center Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket, and Adult channels

At this time, select PVR recordings such as NHL Center Ice, NFL Sunday Ticket, and Adult channels cannot be watched with the BlueCurve TV App. This is a temporary issue that we are working to resolve.

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How many PVR recordings can I watch at the same time using the BlueCurve TV App?

Out of Home

There can only be two (2) concurrent streams of any combination of regular TV channels, On Demand content and PVR recordings.

In Home

There are no streaming limits when watching on your BlueCurve TV set top boxes at home, but an in home streaming limit of five (5) devices is enforced for streaming cloud recordings to a device operating in-home (i.e., mobile phone, tablet or computer).

Can I watch PVR recordings on the BlueCurve TV App while moving or swapping hardware?

Yes, you can still access previously recorded programs during or after moving or swapping BlueCurve TV hardware, when these have been recorded on the cloud, but recordings saved on the XG1 will be lost. Any recordings that are scheduled to record during a move or hardware swap will not record and therefore will not be available after the move or hardware swap is complete.

Can I watch PVR recordings on the BlueCurve TV App while my account is temporarily suspended (i.e. Seasonal Disconnect)?

While your account is temporarily suspended, you will retain your current recordings but will not be able to access them. Additionally:

  • Any recordings set to record during this period will not be recorded. 
  • Existing recordings that are to be deleted due to reaching the cloud recording expiry time (1 year) will be removed as scheduled.
  • When your account comes out of suspension, you will once again have access to your recordings and any formerly scheduled recordings will resume as intended.

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