Learn about using the Ignite TV (formerly BlueCurve TV) PVR features including recording limits, whole home scheduling and other PVR matters with our frequently asked questions. With Ignite TV, you have the ability to have up to three (3) TV Players in your home. Each TV Player includes a 500GB hard drive.

Did you know? Our Ignite Entertainment Box and 4K Wireless TV Player uses Cloud PVR technology. Read more about our various Ignite hardware here: Equipment Info: TV Hardware.

Whole home scheduling

Something new with Ignite TV is Whole Home Scheduling. Whole Home Scheduling refers to the ability to view and manage a single PVR recording from any TV box in your home, no matter how many PVRs you have. Benefits of whole-home scheduling include:

  • Ability to record more programs: The TV Player (XG1v3 and XG1v4) has six tuners, meaning that you can record up to six programs at the same time. If you have two TV Players in your home, you can record 12 programs simultaneously.
  • More Storage Space: With Ignite TV you can record up to 200 hours to your Cloud PVR.
  • Organized recordings: Manage your recording through a single recording list.
  • More Efficient Scheduling:
    • Your recordings can now be managed from all your Ignite TV devices
    • Your scheduler assigns recordings to a TV Player (XG1v3 or XG1v4) based on resource availability

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PVR recording FAQs

Ignite TV offers a PVR recording experience like never before. Here is some additional insight from frequently asked questions.

Can I watch any of my recordings on all of my TV boxes?
Yes, recordings can be viewed on all Ignite TV Players in the home.

Is there a way to block PVR content from being played on other Ignite TV Players in the home?
Yes, you can set Parental Controls at the device level. If a program has Parental Control Lock on it, anyone who attempts to view it will see a restricted notice and will need to enter the PIN to watch the program.

If I accidentally delete a PVR recording can I recover it?
Yes, deleted recordings are stored and may be recovered for up to 30 days. Learn more about how to recover deleted PVR recordings.

How does whole home scheduling change PVR scheduling?
Ignite TV lets you manage your recording schedule and series priorities from any TV in your home.

Do I need to select a specific PVR to schedule recordings?
No. Your scheduled recordings will be spread across all of the Ignite TV devices in your home.

How do I tell which PVR a program is recorded on?
Currently, there is no way to do this as the scheduler assigns recordings to the TV Player based on resource availability (tuner and storage).

How do I tell how much space is left on my PVRs?
You will see a disk full percentage on all of your Ignite TV set-top devices. The disk full percentage is the combined usage of all of the PVRs in your home and will be shown on all your TV boxes.

How are series priority lists combined on the recording schedules?
The series priority lists from all PVRs merge into a single series priority list.

  • The highest series priority series on PVR-A will be the number 1 priority
  • The highest series priority series on PVR-B will be the number 2 priority (if you have 3 PVRs, the highest series priority series on PVR-C will be the number 3 priority) otherwise:
  • The second highest priority series on PVR-A will be the number 3 priority
  • The second highest priority series on PVR-B will be the number 4 priority

What if I have the same series set to record on two or more PVRs?
The PVR will only keep one of the series recordings and delete the other(s). The most recently set or most recently modified series will be kept.

What if I have the same one-time recording set up on two or more PVRs?
The PVR will only keep one of the recordings so the program is only recorded once. The most recently set or modified one-time recording will be kept.

Can I turn off whole home scheduling?
Ignite TV is a whole home product. Independent PVRs are not available with Ignite TV.

What happens if I have multiple TV Players and I return one?
When a PVR has been removed from your account, your recording schedule recalculates based on the number of remaining recording resources in your home. Keep in mind:

  • Some previously scheduled recordings may no longer record.
  • The recordings that are stored on the PVR being returned will no longer be displayed in the Saved section.

How to access saved PVR content

To access your saved PVR programs:

  1. Press the Shaw button on your remote.
  2. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to select Saved.
  3. Press OK on the remote.

Did you know: You can access your recordings using your Voice Remote by simply saying "Recordings".

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