Find frequently asked questions about Ordering Shaw PPV below. 

What happens if I ordered a PPV event and it is not appearing?

Ensure that the PPV order went through by trying to cancel it through your Guide. If you're having issues feel free to contact us.

Is there a way to cancel a PPV order?

Yes! In the same way that you ordered you can also cancel before watching the event. This could can be through the guide on your cable box or by contacting us.

Can I PVR Pay-Per-View events?

Some events give options to order and record while ordering. Please see Ordering PPV events for full steps on when you can set this up. 

What channels are PPV events found on Shaw?

This will depend on the TV box you have in your home. On BlueCurve TV you can find PPV events between channels 601-636. Please see Ordering PPV events for more on where to find PPV on your guide.


How can I test if PPV will work in my region?

PPV events should be available in all regions. If you're having difficulties accessing PPV please see our troubleshooting steps.


How am I billed for a PPV event?

PPV events will be added to your bill as a transaction occurring on the day that it was ordered. You will see the one-time charge on your next monthly bill. See our guide on how to view your current Shaw bill.

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