Shaw used to offer customers access to analog FM radio stations via the household coax cable, as part of their Shaw greater service. However, due to a low level of user adoption, these radio stations are no longer be supported on the Shaw system. Below you will find frequently asked questions about the radio station drops, as well as information about the Stingray Music service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about access to radio station content through Shaw.

I used to listen to a radio station through my coax cable and it’s no longer there. What happened?
Carrying these radio stations takes up a significant amount of bandwidth – discontinuing these radio stations means we’ll be able to offer our customers faster Internet speeds, more High Definition channels and increased Shaw On Demand programming.
There are still a number of ways customers can access their favourite radio stations (details below).
Why have you removed these radio stations?
People are using technology in new and different ways – including listening to the analog FM radio stations through coax cable that Shaw used to provide. Many users are now streaming radio stations or listening to digital radio services like Stingray.
As well, carrying the stations took up a large amount of bandwidth – which Shaw can use to offer our customers faster Internet speeds, more High Definition channels and increased Shaw On Demand programming.
How can I access my radio stations?
There are a number of options for you to continue listening to radio stations:

  1. Most radio stations offer their services via online streaming. We have provided links to local radio stations’ websites to allow you to stream their programming online.

  2. You can also purchase a radio transmitter at stores like Best Buy or Future Shop, which will allow you to tune into your favourite radio stations. These devices cost as little as $30 and require an Internet connection to receive any “out‐of‐market” services. Installation can be as easy as plugging in the transmitter into the “Audio Out” feed of your computer and gives you access to thousands of stations around the world.

  3. We also offer a number of commercial-free radio stations through our Stingray service – customers with a digital box have access to up to 55 channels to enjoy a variety of music styles and offerings. To learn more about Stingray, visit: Stingray Music Player

Stingray Music Channel Lineup

Stingray Music is a series of music channels provided by Shaw where it's just music, no ads, no talk, just great music. We offer a great selection of channels for every mood, rock, pop, country, jazz and more.
For a complete list of Stingray music channels available in your area please check out our Channel Listings page on Be sure to select your location at the top of the page for details specific to your area. Shaw - Channel Listings

Sample of Stingray Music Channels



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